LoL players find insane Veigar build making auto attacks stronger than his ult

Monster Tamer Veigar with ItemsRiot Games

League of Legends players have theory crafted a new build for Veigar that allows his auto-attacks to deal more damage than his ultimate ability.

Riot’s popular MOBA League of Legends has over 160 champions and over a hundred different items for players to experiment with. Oftentimes, these will lead to the creation of off-meta builds which can sometimes lead to changes in the meta. Riot occasionally lends a hand in the production of these off-meta builds, by adding scaling ratios to certain items and champions’ abilities, incentivizing new builds.

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Most recently, Riot has made sweeping changes to the item system in the latest 13.10 patch, which has seen the introduction of older items as well as the rework of some current ones. As such, many players have been investigating new potential builds with the items, with one player discovering a rather interesting one for Veigar.

Reddit user AmateurDamager created a post showing the results of their investigation, a build that allows Veigar to deal insane amounts of damage with a charged auto attack.

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Veigar’s ability to gain ability power by last hitting enemies with Q or by striking champions with abilities allows him to naturally scale throughout the game. This also means that Veigar doesn’t necessarily need to build ability power items, as he can gain it through his passive.

With the ability power scaling on items such as the returning Statikk Shiv, Stormrazor and Lich Bane, a Veigar with high ability power can utilize these items to deal insane damage with a basic attack.

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According to Damager, with around 1070 ability power, the Veigar build of Lich Bane, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Statikk Shiv, and Storm Razor allows a basic attack to out-damage his ultimate ability. This is no joke when it comes to damage, as Veigar’s ultimate is known as one of the highest damaging abilities within the game, essentially throwing a nuke of damage at an enemy.

Patch 13.10 for League of Legends has only just arrived, meaning there’s still plenty of testing to do with the new items. No one knows what new builds may come of these changes, but it’s a good time for experimentation, meaning we may see a major meta shake-up sometime soon.

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