LoL MMO dev warns players “there is no guarantee” hyped title will ever ship

Riot Games

The League of Legends MMO is one of the most hyped projects in gaming history ⁠— but the lead developer is asking players to temper their expectations. Executive Producer Greg Street warned players “there is no guarantee” it’ll ship as the MMO has to live up to Riot’s high standards.

When Riot dropped the big news that a League of Legends MMO was being developed, it sent the gaming world into a tizzy.

The MOBA title, with over 150 characters and already immersive lore, getting a full-scale MMORPG adaptation bringing Runeterra to life brought joy to millions of players worldwide.

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It’s fair to say the hype around the project is unhinged as Riot drags in big names from their other titles to work on their most ambitious game yet.

However, the lead developer behind it all is asking players to temper their expectations ⁠— somewhat. In fact, “there is no guarantee” the League of Legends MMO will ever make it to the public, Greg Street warned players on April 8.

“We are optimistic, but you just never know until it does,” he added on Twitter.

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The comment, obviously, concerned players who are keener than ever to get their hands on this MMORPG experience that has been promised by Riot founder Marc Merrill since late 2019.

However, don’t be too alarmed. Street and the rest of the LoL MMO team are confident in the project, even if there’s no real news to share with players.

“Things are going super well. I am just being honest that Riot’s game standards are high and so are the expectations of players. We won’t ship a disappointing game,” he added.

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He also promised that the development wouldn’t stop when the game launches. After all, it’s an MMO, and Riot has plenty of content coming up for post-launch: “Games like this are a commitment. The hard part starts after it ships. So I am imagining a long journey ahead.”

Ashe standing on hill looking over FreljordRiot Games
Players are hoping the LoL MMO explores the vast expanse of Runeterra.

It comes after game director Mark Yetter apologized to players earlier in the week for the lack of updates, saying they were “trying to do it right so we build something worthy of expectations.”

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There’s still no solid details about a release for the League of Legends MMO, or what regions of Runeterra will be added, and even the champions you’ll meet along the way.

However, we’ll keep you up to date with our hub all things LoL MMO here.

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