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League of Legends devs rush out Objective Bounties nerfs in secret 11.23 update

Published: 25/Nov/2021 4:05

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot devs have rushed out Objective Bounties nerfs in an unplanned League of Legends patch 11.23 update, which is now live in-game, that they hope will reduce the overall power of the controversial Season 12 mechanic.

League of Legends Season 12’s preseason is well underway, with a host of interesting changes landing on Summoner’s Rift as Riot tests their newest ideas.

One big change has dominated the fandom’s conversations since patch 11.23 dropped, however ⁠— Objective Bounties. This new comeback mechanic is designed to hand losing teams a little extra gold to keep games close via turret kills, Dragon and Rift Herald eliminations, and more.


So far, the feature has been wildly different in each game.

Sometimes LoL players will find themselves down thousands of gold in losing games, but not get Bounties, or be well ahead and still get gold-boost gifts despite the lead. Luckily, Riot is working to solve the issue.

On November 24, the League developers shipped an additional 11.23 update focused on the Objective Bounties mechanic in a bid to curb its “major power.”

LoL objective bounties season 12
Riot Games
Objective Bounties are available on every turret and neutral objective in Season 12.

The biggest issue that has plagued the new League of Legends feature is its soft reset during games ⁠— the feature was resetting its timer after turret kills.

This would “result in some situations where one team would rebound from moderately behind, to far ahead,” if they managed to “juggle” the timer, Leung-Harrison explained, which was not the way Riot wants the mechanic to work.


Secondly, Dragons were not being calculated correctly.

This has been rectified in the November 24 update, which has now reduced the value of Dragons and Souls when calculating leads. Leung-Harrison said: “This meant that Objective Bounties could still be active when a winning team had Soul, then started losing, despite a massive lead for the new team.”

To combat this, Riot has fiddled with the AI to better understand the situation. “[Calculations] felt wrong,” Leung-Harrison said, “and have been changed.”

League of Legends dragons.
Riot Games
The Season 12 preseason has thrown the game’s balance into chaos.

⁠While Riot are happy to tweak Objective Bounties throughout Season 12 preseason, they’ve made it very clear they won’t be bowing down to League of Legends fan demands regarding their removal.


“I’m pretty confident the community will learn these things,” Leung-Harrison said, “and improve coordination over time; the initial shock of a particular piece of content dropping that changes gameplay is always painful, but we’re quite confident this feature improves the game.

“We’re not saying if you make a mistake the game should be equalized, but an enormous mistake should equalize [the game] when the lead is only tiny.”