LoL Coach Gives Unexpected Answer After Being Asked Why He Made a Character Choice

Virginia Glaze

The EU Summer 2018 Championships featured some intense matches and clippable moments.

The League of Legend’s EU Summer 2018 Championships brings with it a slew of deadly competition, and the brackets are stacked with formidable teams.

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Team Vitality is one of these groups. Coming into the Summer Split with a 12-6 run, Vitality is hot on the heels of its competition with a major show of strength.

Vitality was set to go against team G2 Esports in the Playoffs on August 19th. In a surprising choice, teammate Attalia settled on Poppy for a Jungler role, surprising many in the Twitch chat.

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Attalia’s choice came as a big surprise due to Poppy’s status as a weaker character in the game. With low base health and inability to handle major pressure, using Poppy in a Jungler role wasn’t unheard of — but it was unexpected.

In a backstage interview, Vitality team coach YamatoCannon was questioned on his pick of Poppy Jungle, a character that hasn’t yet been seen in the EU LCS. “I actually fucked up,” Yamato said with a deadpan expression. “I picked Poppy. I wanted to play Top… we had to just put in a Jungle. It was a mistake.”

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Yamato didn’t stop there. When asked about Poppy’s effect on the team, he stated that, “it’s fine, it’s just that I throw an extra challenge in there to show that we’re prepared for payoffs.” Yamato’s brutally honest answer gave many fans the impression that he was trolling: however, his pick ended up working out for Vitality in the end, as the group ultimately took the Best of 1 series over G2.

Yamato’s pick showed that odd decisions can work in favor of a team, and that handling a situation with grace and brutal honesty can result in a hilarious moment that will go down in esports history as being both clutch and hilarious at once.