LIMIT reported to replace Targamas after XL’s last place LEC finish

Colin Young-Wolff/Michal Konkol/Riot Games

The LEC Winter 2023 split wasn’t kind to EXCEL. It saw their roster stacked with some of the best talent in Europe nosedive all the way to last place. So far, they’ve decided to swap out their support ahead of the next split.

Excel finally broke their playoffs curse in 2022, with the team having their strongest showing in the LEC since they joined the league. It gave fans of the organization hope that they’d be able to change their standing as a low-tier org within the LEC and, as their name would indicate, excel.

And, with the LEC format changes, eight teams would be making it to playoffs instead of six. They had a better chance than ever to make it to the playoffs. Yet they fell short and finished in dead last.

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Ahead of the coming LEC Split, Excel have decided to swap Raphaël ‘Targamas’ Crabbé out for Dino ‘LIMIT’ Tot, a support player who’s been in and out of the LEC since 2019.

LIMIT replaces Targamas on XL according to reports

Excel’s 2022 roster had a very defined identity. Patrik ‘Patrik’ Jírů was the main carry for the team, and was lauded by analysts and fans alike as one of the strongest ADC players in the region. Meanwhile, Markoon had high map pressure that allowed Patrik to get out of the early game much easier.

Their team certainly wasn’t perfect, but they had their strengths. Patrik is still a strong player going by the numbers. He’s got the highest damage per minute through the Winter regular season at 819, and the closest ADC to him is Exakick with 710.

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After dropping out before playoffs, XL gave their fans an apology for how the split went.

According to reports, XL have chosen to replace Targamas with LIMIT to switch up their bot lane combo and try to replicate some of their success from 2022.

The report that Targamas would be getting put on the bench was quickly followed by the report that LIMIT would replacing him. Both Alejandro Gomis and Marián Stoica reported on these changes with blix.

There may be more changes to come for Excel, but their first big change brings in veteran support player LIMIT to try and switch up the bot lane dynamic on the team. Whether or not this change is the thing Excel needs to up their standing in the LEC remains to be seen.

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