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Legendary LoL support player Wolf retires from competitive play

Published: 29/Nov/2019 23:07

by Scott Robertson


The two-time League of Legends world champion, Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan, had decided to retire after seven years of competitive play in Korea. 

The tale of the Wolf has come to an end, and unfortunately, the final chapter is somewhat sad. 

In an interview with InvenGlovbal, the world champion support player revealed that he had taken the Rift for the last time, and would be retiring from pro play. He last played for Turkish team SuperMassive in 2019. He was released earlier in November.

Riot GamesWolf with SK Telecom T1

In the interview, Wolf cited several mental disorders as being the reasons for his retirement, saying he’s suffered from depression, adjustment disorder, anxiety, and panic disorder for the past couple of years. He referenced a similar situation in Heo ‘PawN’ Won-seok, another world champion LoL player who retired due to complications with OCD.

Wolf has said that when playing he “felt like he wanted to throw up,” and that he would suffer crippling panic attacks over the course of months that. A psychologist told him “things will only get better if [you] step away from this environment.”

After realizing that competing would continue to cause panic attacks for him, he made the decision to call it quits. He acknowledged in the interview that leaving this way wasn’t the way he wanted to go out.

“It sucks,” he told InvenGlobal. “It really sucks. What really sucks is that, even now, I don’t think I’m bad. If I wasn’t diagnosed with such disorders, I wanted to prove myself for a couple more years, and be remembered for something greater.”

SK Telecom T1Wolf with Faker and Bang. Bang now plays for Evil Geniuses while Faker remains with T1.

Despite his sentiments here, the response from the community proves that we will be remembered for his greatness. Wolf’s pro run will best be remembered by his time with SK Telecom T1, who now simply goes by T1. 

While playing support alongside midlaner Faker and bottom lane Bang, Wolf was instrumental in guiding SK Telecom T1 to two straight Worlds championships in 2015 and 2016, as well as another Worlds grand finals in 2017. This also included four LCK titles and two Mid-Season Invitational championships.

From those championship squads, only Faker remains.

Wolf plans to continue streaming on Twitch, and said he’s excited to do more sleeping, working out, and eating right. And he told fans that he won’t be gone from the LoL esports scene for long.

“Retirement may sound grandiose on paper, but it’s really not. I can take a bit more time to recover and become a coach, or even become a caster after practicing the art. I know there will be many roads for my future.”

League of Legends

League of Legends patch 10.24 notes: Varus buffs, Amumu nerfs

Published: 24/Nov/2020 0:16

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot Games has now shipped League of Legends patch 10.24 ⁠— a little earlier than usual, we will add ⁠— as Season 11 preseason testing continues on live servers. Here’s everything you need to know about LoL’s new Nov. 23 update.

LoL patch 10.24 has arrived, a day early due to Thanksgiving, and the hefty Nov. 23 update is keeping up the Season 11 momentum. There’s a number of champions being tweaked in this week’s patch, including Varus, Amumu, Samira, and Yasuo.

The meat of the patch, however, comes in the continued Season 11 item changes. Riot pulled the trigger on their mammoth League shop overhaul in patch 10.23, and now they’re continuing to balance the changes across the 2021 preseason.

Here’s everything included in the League of Legends patch 10.24 notes.

League preseason patch 10.24 notes

Amumu knocked down a peg

Tanky little jungler Amumu has been the shock breakout star of LoL patch 10.23. The Sad Mummy was a big winner from the Sunfire Aegis dominance; the jungler could even solo-kill Baron Nashor at 20 minutes with the Season 11 item changes.

Reasonably enough, Riot took notice, especially after Amumu was “pushed from strong to overwhelming.” Patch 10.24 is targeting his damage over time, in an attempt to slow his newfound strength. His W, “Despair,” was the main ability hit in this update.

Amumu is far from the only champion being changed in patch 10.24 though. Tryndamere and Varus are being buffed, while Hecarim, Kayle, and Samira are all joining the Sad Mummy in the Nov. 23 update’s nerfs column.

Riot Games
Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is being punished for his patch 10.24 dominance.

Riot rush out Mythic item changes

LoL patch 10.24’s headline change comes in the item section. Mythics have dominated the early stages of Season 11 ⁠— no surprise there, considering they’re extremely new.

What Riot didn’t plan on, however, is how strong some of the single-slot picks would be when released into Summoner’s Rift. This includes Eclipse, the lethality mythic, as well as Liandry’s Anguish, and a host of other top-class full build items.

These Mythic nerfs will also be paired with a handful of buffs to boost Season 11’s underperforming items. Tear of the Goddess and Kraken Slayer lead the buffs, while ADC items like Essence Reaver and Phantom Dancer are also included.

“Statistically, Kraken [Slayer] has been underperforming compared to the other two [Galeforce and Shieldbow] so giving it a boost should help it a bit,” Riot dev Ray Williams said on Reddit soon after the patch 10.24 changes were revealed.

He also confirmed Eclipse’s “proc frequency” would be the main target of the Mythic item’s patch 10.24 nerfs.

“It’s the highest win rate on most users, and it’s the most broad [pick] for Assassins, Fighters, and Marksmen,” he said, “so it’s gotta give power somewhere.”

Eclipse has turned AD carries -- assassins and marksman -- into deadly burst champions.
Riot Games
Eclipse has turned AD carries — assassins and marksman — into deadly burst champions.

10-minute surrender added in League patch 10.24

Riot has made a long-awaited change in League patch 10.24; players dealing with AFK ⁠— “away from keyboard” ⁠— allies can now call a surrender vote from the ten-minute mark, in an effort to “end unbalanced games” as quickly as possible.

Any LoL players that are detected as “AFK” will also be punished for the absence. Their allies may also have their LP reduced. Premades, provisional players, and all players in their promos will not be granted this LP loss protection.

Riot have added a whole new way to surrender in the latest League patch.
Riot Games
Riot have added a whole new way to surrender in the latest League patch.

League patch 10.24 adds new “Cosmic” skins

The next League of Legends skin line, “Cosmic,” will be coming in League patch 10.24. Nine champions are in line for the new variant cosmetics, including oft-forgotten characters like Illaoi, Vladimir, and crystal jungler Skarner.

  • Here’s the full list of new ‘Cosmic’ skins:
  • Anivia (Flight)
  • Illaoi (Invoker)
  • Nami (Destiny)
  • Nidalee (Huntress)
  • Hecarim (Charger)
  • Varus (Hunter)
  • Vladimir (Devourer)
  • Skarner (Sting)
  • Dark Cosmic Lissandra

All nine Cosmic skins, including the ‘dark’ Lissandra version, will be available for 1350 RP in the next patch. They will be released alongside the new “Prestige Star Guardian Soraka” skin, which can only be unlocked with prestige points.

League patch 10.24 adds the new "Cosmic" skin line for Nami (pictured), Illaoi, and more.
Riot Games
LoL patch 10.24 adds the new “Cosmic” skin line for Nami (pictured), Illaoi, and more.

Here’s the full League patch 10.24 notes, courtesy of Riot Games. The Nov. 23 update has already been deployed to live servers; get that download started!

League of Legends patch 10.24: full patch notes



  • W base damage 5-15 ⇒ 4-12; ability power ratio 0.5 ⇒ 0.25% max health per 100 ability power.


  • Passive attack damage from movement speed 15-30% ⇒ 12-24%.
  • E movement speed 25-85% ⇒ 25-75%; Hecarim no longer gains more than 25% movement speed immediately after casting Devastating Charge.


  • Bonus attack speed per 100 ability power 2% ⇒ 1%.


  • Passive melee bonus 2-19 (+10% base attack damage) ⇒ 2-19 (+7.5% base attack damage); dash range for immobilized enemies 800-1000 ⇒ 650-900.


  • Q passive attack damage 5-25 ⇒ 10-30; attack damage per 1% missing health 0.15-0.35 ⇒ 0.15-0.55. 


  • Q now longer provides Blight cooldown reduction; Damage from Blight effects detonated with Piercing Arrow are now increased by the amount of time Varus charges it for up to 50%, in addition to increasing Piercing Arrow’s damage for up to 50%; Piercing Arrow will now show crit text when fully charged.
  • W has new passive: “Detonating Blight on champions and epic monsters reduces his basic abilities cooldowns by 12% of their maximum per stack.”
  • R missile speed lowered from 1950 to 1500.


  • Way of the Wanderer’s crit-related effects now wait to activate until any other effects that care about crit have been taken care of. This primarily means crit chance is no longer doubled before Guinsoo’s Rageblade calculates its on-hit damage.


  • Way of the Hunter’s crit-related effects now wait to activate until any other effects that care about crit have been taken care of. This primarily means crit chance is no longer doubled before Guinsoo’s Rageblade calculates its on-hit damage.


AP Jungle

  • Healing no longer reduced from area of effect abilities against monsters.
  • Healing 12% ⇒ 10%.

Blade of the Ruined King

  • Cost 3100 ⇒ 3200.
  • Attack speed 30% ⇒ 20%.

Cosmic Drive

  • Ability power 70 ⇒ 75.

Demonic Embrace

  • DoT damage 1.5% ⇒ 1.2% max health per second.


  • Cooldown 6 seconds ⇒ 8 seconds for melee; 16 seconds for ranged.

Essence Reaver

  • Attack damage 40 ⇒ 50.

Hextech Rocketbelt

  • Base rocket damage 200-300 ⇒ 175-250.

Kraken Slayer

  • Attack damage 60 ⇒ 65.
  • Wyrmfallen Sacrifice attack damage 80 ⇒ 85.
  • Damage ratio 30% attack damage ⇒ 45% attack damage.
  • Proc damage 60 (+0.3 base attack damage) ⇒ 60 (+0.45 base attack damage).

Liandry’s Anguish

  • DoT damage 15 (+2.5% ability power) (+1% target health) ⇒ 15 (1.5 ability power) (+1% target health).

Lich Bane

  • Spellblade ability power ratio 50 ⇒ 40%.

Ludens Tempest

  • Echo movement speed 30% ⇒ 15%.
  • Echo damage 100 (+15% ability power) ⇒ 100 (+10% ability power).

Moonstone Renewer

  • Base healing 30-60 ⇒ 60-90.
  • Healing amplifier 0-150% ⇒ 0-100% over 4 seconds (max heal 75-150 ⇒ 120-180).

Nashor’s Tooth

  • On hit ratio 25% ⇒ 20% ability power.

Night Harvester

  • Damage proc base 175-250 ⇒ 125-200.

Phantom Dancer

  • Cost 2900 ⇒ 2700.
  • Buff duration 2 ⇒ 3 seconds.

Prowlers Claw

  • Attack damage 55 ⇒ 60.
  • Sandshrike’s Claw attack damage 75 ⇒ 80.


  • Damage amp 3% per second (max 15) ⇒ 2% per second (max 10).

Serpent’s Fang

  • Shield Reaver 50 (+40% base attack damage) ⇒ 70 (+40% base attack damage).

Tear of the Goddess

  • Base mana 150 ⇒ 240.
  • Max mana from stacks: 450 ⇒ 360.

Archangel’s Staff

  • Base mana 400 ⇒ 500.


  • Base mana 400 ⇒ 500.

Seraph’s Embrace

  • Base mana 850 ⇒ 860.


  • Base mana 850 ⇒ 860.

Mid Lane Minion Changes

  • Midlane Cannon Minions now give 10 less gold.
  • Midlane Cannon Minions now gain 30% increased attack speed against towers.

Behavioral systems update

  • If there is an AFK player detected on your team after the ten-minute mark, a surrender vote can occur. For now, this change will only apply to Summoner’s Rift and the vote must be unanimous. If the vote isn’t unanimous, at the 15-minute mark the team can vote again, now only needing a majority vote.
  • If a player on your team leaves during a ranked match or is detected as AFK, your LP loss may be reduced. Premades with a disconnect/AFK, provisional players, and players in promotion series will not receive this loss reduction.
  • More information can be found here

Item Shop and Icon Improvements

  • Updates to over 60 item icons
  • Stomped a ton of bugs in the shop. Our shoes are now disgusting.
  • The font size of the shop’s gold display has been embiggened
  • Future’s Market now displays your debt limit in the shop.
  • Recommended item card titles are now bolder
  • Fixed a bug where the tags in recommended item cards had too much padding. We took them to the gym.
  • When there is only one or two actual recommendations, no empty item cards will appear in the shop
  • Fixed purchase button hover and clicked states
  • Player chat will now display behind the item shop until you decide to open it
  • Many many fixes to items appearing (or not appearing) in the correct tabs and filter groups
  • Selected items in the shop will now have sweet looking magic surrounding them
  • Darkened the borders of items you can’t afford to better differentiate them from the ones you can (more coming here soon)
  • Made it easier to determine when a recommended item is not affordable
  • While the shop is opened, you can now open the extended stats panel

Bug Fixes

    • We have made improvements to the Champion Select grid, providing a smoother and more reliable experience. It’ll take less time to ban and lock in champions, and animations will feel smoother.
    • The Reconnect button should no longer display after a match has completed. Players should now experience the appropriate end-of-game process.
    • When the minimum resolution for the client is selected, Summoner Spell descriptions should not longer be blocked
    • Skin chromas no longer show the incorrect champion
    • The “This skin is currently not available to purchase” tooltip should no longer appear when entering Champion Select
  • The player chat has been updated to the new UI tech we’re using in the shop (and other places). It may look a little different, but it still has the same good heart
  • If Lissandra uses R – Frozen Tomb after using the Hextech Rocketbelt, she no longer gains an increased amount of healing
  • Moving around Stridebreaker to a new item box location no longer refreshes its cooldown
  • Silvermere Dawn no longer increases movement speed and its tooltip now reflects as such
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade no longer deals damage to turrets
  • Presence of Mind’s mana regen bonus no longer resets every time the champion attacks an enemy champion
  • Resistance Yorick’s R – Eulogy of the Isles’s Maiden of the Mist will no longer automatically move above him when he recalls
  • The champion using Shurelya’s Battlesong to buff an ally that receives a kill now properly receives assist credit
  • Yone can no longer critically strike with Guinsoo’s Rageblade when he uses his third Q – Mortal Steel attack in melee range
  • Divine Sunderer’s passive damage no longer works against turrets
  • Zoe’s E2 – Sleepy Trouble Bubble and Vel’Koz’s Q2 – Plasma Fission now properly proc Horizon Focus
  • Activating Turbo Chemtank when moving towards a first-tier turret with plates and out-of-vision no longer gives bonus movement speed
  • Players can no longer one-hit kill jungle creep (including the Drakes) through a series of steps involving Smite
  • Projectiles from Hextech Rocketbelt’s Supersonic no longer goes through champion-created terrain
  • Fixed Hextech Rocketbelt’s, Galeforce’s, and Stridebreaker’s tooltips to indicate that their dashes cannot pass through terrain
  • Tear of the Goddess’ mana charge no longer triggers off abilities used on Gangplank’s barrels
  • Fizz’s W – Seastone Trident can no longer trigger Tear of the Goddess’ mana charge twice
  • Ornn no longer causes crashes when picked in Intro Co-Op vs. AI games
  • Lucian’s Passive – Lightslinger properly triggers Muramana’s on-hit bonus damage
  • Muramana’s on-hit bonus damage now properly doubles every third attack when the user also has a Guinsoo’s Rageblade
  • Garen’s E – Judgment’s crit damage bonus is now properly 33%
  • Tahm Kench’s Q – Tongue Lash + W – Devour combo now properly breaks the Rift Scuttler’s shield
  • Ekko’s R – Chronobreak no longer forces him to attack the closest target on arrival
  • Miss Fortune’s Serylda’s Grudge or Everfrost-empowered E – Make It Rain no longer slows the enemy more than intended
  • Katarina can no longer stack Grievous Wounds effects with R – Death Lotus
  • Picking up a Summoner Spell shard as Zoe with W – Spell Thief while casting a Teleport shard will no longer duplicate the Teleport shard
  • Revitalize now properly increases heals and shields you cast onto or receive from allies by the intended amount.