LEC reportedly making big format changes in 2023

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Going into 2023, the LEC is looking to make some big changes. Along with adding an additional split, they’ll be adding an extra day to the competition, along with more opportunities for BO3 and BO5 sets.

Format changes have been a popular demand when it comes to regular season matches. With both the LCK and LPL having a Best-of-3 reliant format that allows teams to play more games and get more practice on-stage, Western regions have stuck to a Best-of-1 format.

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While the LEC isn’t swapping exclusively to a Best-of-3 format, they’re also departing from the way LoL tournaments in any major region are run. At least, according to a report from Blix.

If these changes come to fruition, there will be a lot more League of Legends to watch within the LEC.

Format changes include more Best of 3s and an extra split

First off, the proposed LEC changes will set the LEC’s start date to early January. While events like the LCS’ Lock-In tournament and the LPL’s Demacia Cup act as appetizers to the main season, the LEC will be getting underway very early in the year.

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Additionally, there will be a consolidated regular season that determines seeding for a best-of-3 gauntlet, the results of which will determine the four teams that will move on to a best-of-5 tournament to determine the best team for the split.

Three days of play over the course of three weeks (nine best-of-1s in total) will be the extent of best-of-1 games in the regular season.

This is half the amount of regular season BO1s per split in the LEC format before this proposed change, meaning teams that can’t make the cut to the BO3 phase or that drop out of the tournament early will have a much shorter split.

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But those who persevere will have much more opportunities to play sets on stage, and prepare themselves for international competition.

On top of that, the proposed set of changes would also result in one LEC final that takes place near the end of the year. It’s a sweeping set of proposed changes that haven’t been confirmed by Riot.

Blix‘s latest report suggests that the LEC would move to a Saturday through Monday schedule.

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This news follows another report that the LCS would be moving to weekdays, indicating that both Western leagues are making some major changes for next year.

If the reports are true, it would mean that the LEC and LCS would no longer risk having overlapping broadcasts, and Western audiences would have professional League of Legends to watch six days out of the week.

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