Riot knocks back more League Season 11 reworks after Udyr vote

Udyr and Dr. Mundo in League of LegendsRiot Games

There’s a handful of League of Legends champions in dire need of a rework. Dr. Mundo was the lucky one to be chosen in Season 11. However, Riot is slowing down the VGU schedule due to “new champions on the roadmap” they had to accommodate, including Viego.

While new champion releases are hotly-anticipated in League of Legends, so are reworks. Some of the game’s oldest champions have been brought back into the meta with the updates.

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Picks like Akali, Aatrox, Mordekaiser, and Galio have gone from fringe picks to meta favorites post-rework. It might not be like an entirely new champion, but the VGUs come pretty close to that feeling.

Frozen Prince Dr Mundo skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Dr. Mundo is the only champion receiving a VGU in League Season, Riot has conceded.

Dr. Mundo only League rework coming in Season 11, Riot concedes

Riot was promising two champion reworks a year, however in Season 11, they’re going to fall short of that goal. Instead, there’ll only be one major VGU in 2021, Dr. Mundo, due to time constraints as well as Ruined King plans.

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“We had [originally] planned to do the VGU poll much earlier and ship 2 VGUs this year, Mundo and whoever won the poll,” lead champion designer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mirales told players on Reddit.

“The reason we had to delay the 2nd VGU [of] this year to 2022 specifically is because we couldn’t really delay other new champs [on] the roadmap. We had already planned the Return of the Ruined King story,” he added in a different post.

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“All champs before those 4 were already in production so cutting them would be a lot more painful then delaying something that had barely just started.”


Riot has planned the next four champion releases for 2021 to be tied to the Ruined King standalone game. The first of them, Viego, was released on League patch 11.2.

It comes after Riot chose only one champion to rework from the 2021 VGU poll, Udyr, instead of two like the 2019 poll. Fiddlesticks and Volibear both received reworks for being the top two voted for.

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Two VGUs planned for League Season 12: Udyr plus one

Udyr’s rework isn’t expected until 2022 ⁠— Season 12 ⁠— but Riot are looking at getting back on schedule with two VGUs a year when that rolls around. Who exactly they’ll pick hasn’t been locked in yet though.

Udyr is finally back in the LoL meta after four years on the bench.Riot Games
Udyr won the most recent VGU poll connivingly. His update will come in League Season 12 in 2022.

“We still haven’t decided what the 2nd VGU [in 2022] will be yet, we just have one slated. Who gets the VGU will depend on a lot of factors that we will consider once we get closer to starting ideation on it,” Reav3 added.

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There’s still potential one of the 2021 poll entries could get reworked ⁠— Shyvana received the second-highest amount of votes. It’s still a while down the track though. Until then, players will have a few months to wait until Mundo’s rework launches sometime in Season 11.

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