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League of Legends

Riot to help solve League queue dodging with Champ Select reports, Autofill Parity

Published: 6/Jul/2021 23:01

by Alan Bernal


Queue dodging in League of Legends extends the wait time for everyone looking for a match, and Riot are looking for ways to solve the longtime problem.

The devs revealed more about League’s queue problems, that are especially prevalent at higher MMRs, which apparently causes about a third of all Champ Selects to end in a dodge, Competitive Team Design Lead, Jordan Checkman said.

Riot has already given us a look at new League penalties for disruptive behavior in the game, but the company doesn’t only want to hand out punishments.

They’re also looking at how to implement quality of life features and systems that aim to solve the root problems that lead to people dodging League matches in the first place.


Higher match quality, lower queue times

league of legends queue dodge

There’s a disparity between the behavior that some tiers of League players are showing and how Riot wants their community to approach competitive games.

“We also believe that intentionally dodging ranked games to guarantee favorable circumstances reduces the competitive integrity of League,” Checkman said. “We expect players to try their hardest in all situations, even those that are uphill battles from the start.”

This mainly pertains to issues in Champ Select where a one-trick gets banned out or a player is already showing signs of griefing as soon as team comps are decided.

Luckily, this isn’t as prevalent of a problem as some expect it to be with Riot seeing that “only ~%1.6 of highly ranked players are dodging 3+ times per day.” But the company still wants to do something about what they’re seeing.


League queue dodge features

league of legends queue dodge
Riot Games
In high MMR, 33% of all Champ Select screens end in a queue dodge.

Aside from their penalty tiers that players can accrue with every dodge, Riot is working to bring new features that look to nip the problem in the bud.

Adding New Punishments to Champ Select Reporting

If problems were to arise in Champ Select, League players will have an early way to flag disruptive people from the rip.

Autofill/Secondary Role Parity

This is a proposed ‘enhancement’ to matching that will actually make it so that both teams have the same role auto-filled, instead of the same number of players auto-filled.

Riot are reprioritizing what they want to bring to League in order to deal with the urgency of queue dodges as they are now.