League players want permabans for griefing in ranked matches

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League of Legends players are calling for permabans for users griefing ranked games after years of what they view as neglect on Riot’s part.

It’s a tale as old as time for League of Legends; players intentionally griefing games, especially in ranked play, has been around since the early beginnings of the famous 12-year-old RTS game.

It’s discouraging for players to go into a ranked match wanting to play a competitive game, and perhaps rise up the ranked ladder, to get their gaming experience completely nullified or worsened due to a player wanting to sabotage the match – regardless if they have a reason or not. 

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This type of issue has been raised by the League of Legends community in the past, and it’s being brought up once again.  

League players want permabans for griefing in ranked matches

Players calling for stricter punishments for these types of actions is nothing out of the blue. While players intentionally ruining games has been around since the game’s inception, players wanting Riot to take action has also been present. 

In a post on the official League of Legends subreddit, a user by the name of ‘jamalspezial’ shared their experiences with players griefing their games, stating they’ve been “playing on and off since beta” and that “it’s crazy how things like these still happen often in ranked.”

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The Reddit user went on to explain his experiences that have spanned multiple years of gameplay and that, on the day of the post, they had two separate instances, in different games, in which players intentionally ruined them.

“Today I had a support AFK from five minutes because he died twice and whined about the ADCs playstyle,” said jamalspezial. “This is while everyone else was winning lane pretty hard. We kept trying 4v5 and lasted to 25 minutes. I kept pushing my team to at least try.”

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This type of behavior prompted the Reddit user to call for permabans on the players that perform these acts, understanding that although a system to punish grifeing could be difficult to implement, Riot should still act. 

These sentiments were echoed by many others in the Reddit thread. Others told their own experiences with griefing: “I queue for jungle and picked Nocturne. The guy who got ADC picked Nunu and grabbed his support item and smite… [he] just followed me around and last hit all the monsters then did the stupid f**king dance emote after,” said one. 

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Nunu jungleRiot Games
Griefing in League of Legends can come in many ways

While others expressed their distaste for Riot’s punishment system, or lack thereof, “The fact that there is no manual review for this is the problem.”

Griefing happens in not just League of Legends, but other competitive games as well. Only time will tell of Riot will address it to fans’ expectations.

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