Riot release hotfix for Nexus & Inhibitor bug in League patch 12.6

league of legends ashen pykeRiot Games

Riot Games released a hotfix for a bug in patch 12.6 that chopped Nexus HP in half and affects Nexus and Inhibitor health regeneration.

League players have been wondering why their matches have been ending quicker than usual on patch 12.6.

One such player, Kitzuo, went viral for their clip of them playing newly reworked Rengar and auto-attacking the enemy Nexus a single time and winning the match.

While the play went viral for Rengar’s seemingly newfound power with the changes, it was actually discovered that Riot Games had made secret changes to the HP value of the Nexus on Summoner’s Rift, and removed Nexus and Inhibitor healing entirely.

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Rengar in league of legendsRiot Games
Rengar got a huge rework in LoL patch 12.6.

League bug changes Nexus and Inhibitors

The bug was made public knowledge by YouTuber Vandiril.

In his patch 12.6 video, he reveals Riot reduced the HP of each team’s Nexus from 5500 to 3010. The company also removed the healing feature from both the Nexus and Inhibitors, meaning they no longer regenerate health when not receiving damage.

The changes completely stunned LoL players, who were unprepared for the changes as they were not listed in any patch notes for the update.

League of Legends former pro-turned commentator IWillDominate was stunned by the discovery, “Haha wtf Riot just nerfed nexus HP by half and didn’t tell anyone.”

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Riot informed Dexerto the changes were not intentional and are the product of a bug when patch 12.6 went live. Riot released a hotfix on March 31 which has resolved the issue.