League players slam Riot for Season 12 client and ranked icon changes

Riot Games

League of Legends players slammed Riot Games after they updated the MOBA’s client UI and ranked icons ahead of the start of Season 12.

With the release of patch 12.1, Riot has put out an update to the client that has players questioning its purpose and visual style.

LoL players have long had their complaints about the game’s client, with Twitch streamer Destiny even calling it “dogs**t.”

Riot updated the launcher for their titles in September 2021, but fans have still criticized the client. Now, an update has players upset at all new alterations.

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league clientRiot Games
The League of Legends client got a big UI update that brought along new ranked icons.

League’s client update rejected by players

On January 5, the LoL client was updated and changed tons of visuals including menu screens and ranked icons.

Role choice when queuing up for a match is now relegated to a much smaller icon at the bottom of the screen, and rank borders are smaller and more simplified designs.

As soon as the change came through, Riot saw tons of backlash from casual fans to pro players, including team Liquid star Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in who had some harsh words for the update.

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“What is the point of this change. This is so inconvenient already,” he said.

CoreJJ also noted, “At least save the pre-set position so that we don’t need to play clicking mini circle game every time.”

Another Twitter user named Kuba wondered why League’s ranked icons have changed so much over the years, and in their eyes, for the worse.

“How did we get from this to this”, they wondered. Twitch streamer RANGERZXD replied curious about the changes, “How does stuff like this even go through. At no point during development did anybody go ‘hey guys this looks like s**t.'”

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LoL players voiced their concerns over not just the changes to the UI, which were described as “inconvenient”, but the direction the company is taking League’s visual style overall.

League is just days away from the official launch of Season 12, which kicks off on January 7. Riot has yet to respond to the backlash over the changes as the LoL community is asking for major fixes.