League player’s skin research reveals Riot’s most ignored champions

Lawrence Scotti
Riot Games

A League of Legends fan took to Reddit and calculated how many skins each of the 157 champions currently have – a query that revealed game’s the most loved and its most ignored characters.

Each year, Riot Games releases hundreds of purchasable skins for League of Legends characters. Since the game was released all the way back in 2009, LoL has had over 1,300 skins released to the shop.

Throughout the game’s life cycle, the community has noticed certain champions like Ezreal, Ahri, and Lux have received far  more skins than others, and have wondered if Riot has a bias towards more the more popular champions on Summoner’s Rift.

One diehard League fan made it their mission to document exactly how many skins each champion has relative to their release date, to see if the memes about Riot’s biases stand up against the numbers.

Lux from League of Legends.
Riot Games
Lux has tied for the most skins in League of Legends at 16.

League fan creates skin bias chart

Redditor ‘raikaria2’ posted their findings to a public Google Document “to see how much the memes about champions like Ahri and Lux are true or not.”

The findings confirmed some preconceived notions, and also made some interesting discoveries.

It’s true that Riot does prioritize popular champs Lux and Ahri, as Lux has 16 released and upcoming skins, while Ahri has 14. 16 is good enough for a first place spot, tied with Ezreal.

Raikaria2 wasn’t concerned about those champions, however, as they believe the most beloved champ by Riot is Sett, who has five skins in just two years since his release in January 2020.

They discovered that older champions with a shockingly low amount of skins are Sion, Viktor, and Zilean. “Zilean is the overall loser, with the least skins of the original 20 characters. To put it into perspective – despite Zilean being released for a literal decade longer than Sett – next patch, Sett will have more skins than Zilean.”

Viktor, who was released 11 years ago, somehow only has five skins to his name. Although seeing as how he was one of the stars of Netflix’s hit show Arcane, he could potentially get a new skin based on his appearance in the show.

While Viktor and Zilean both have received VFX updates over the last two years, they are still lacking in the skin department. Hopefully, for fans of the Mage’s, Riot can show them some love in the future.