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League players demand bug fixes for “unplayable” Neeko in Season 12

Published: 23/Dec/2021 18:11

by André González Rodríguez


League of Legends players are demanding Riot Games correct the numerous bugs ailing Neeko ahead of Season 12.

Neeko is a multifaceted champion with the ability to play in multiple lanes on Summoner’s Rift, including mid and bottom lane.

She hasn’t been at her most popular of recent, though. Sitting at a pick rate of less than 1% per champion.gg, Neeko is one of the least picked champions across the entire roster for patch 11.25.

Now, players have pointed out the reason for her falling off, as tons of visual bugs have stripped her of her power and placed her as an afterthought.


Neeko League of Legends Neeko can shapeshift into any allied champion, a staple of her kit.

League players demand fixes for Neeko

Reddit user Thothowaffle on the League of Legends subreddit made a long list of every visual bug pertaining to Neeko.

The poster went on to give a lengthy list of every bug they’ve encountered or seen pertaining to Neeko’s visual problems.

Neeko: How visual bugs can destroy a champion’s identity from leagueoflegends


Some of these bugs include an issue with virtual effects tied to items that Neeko builds showing through her shapeshifting ability.

“This applies to all items with VFX’s but the ones of biggest concern are Crown of the Shattered Queen and Banshee’s Veil,” said the Redditor.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Neeko was originally released on December 5, 2018.

There are also massive issues with Neeko’s W ability, Shapesplitter, that sends a clone of herself in a specific direction.


When using the ability, the clone will “have Shattered Queen or Banshee’s Veil active even if Neeko herself has them on cooldown,” said Thothowaffle. This is detrimental to the champion as it prevents her from being able to fool enemies as due to the bugs, the clone will be clearly distinguishable.

It’s clear that the bugs hankering Neeko are bringing her down, and hopefully, Riot addresses the problems with League’s Curious Chameleon.