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League players call Riot’s event pass overhaul “a joke” after another delay

Published: 30/Dec/2021 16:53

by Shay Robson


League of Legends players have criticized Riot devs over the exclusive content system overhaul, that has once again been postponed.

League fans have been expecting the “Mythic Content Overhaul” update since the beginning of 2020. However, as we’re heading into 2022, the anticipated update is still yet to come.

The update is expected to have a slew of changes including an overhaul to the event pass, as well as changes to the prestige point system. But, the devs have indicated the players will be waiting even longer than they imagined.


League of Legends presitge points
Riot Games
League of Legends players were expecting an overhaul to the prestige point system.

League of Legends player IronLionZionMon inquired on Reddit about how prestige points work with exclusive event passes.

The question got a response from Riot dev Adriaan Noordzij, the Product Lead for skins, events, and loot. Another player, however, asked in the thread about the new system that is supposed to be implemented in the early new year.

Adriaan responded, revealing that the event passes changes had been postponed once again: “The passes will have a similar system until Summer 2022 when we make some updates.”

Players weren’t exactly happy to hear the update had been postponed once more. “So, postponed again? I remember the pass changes were supposed to be for Spirit Blossom, and then early 2021, and then middle 2021, and then early 2022, and now Summer 2022? When we get close to summer will be postponed until 2023,” asked one player, adding: “This is such a joke to the players.”


“I won’t buy any more passes, this current system is impossible,” said another player, referring to its “miserable” leveling experience that was changed with the latest event.

After being postponed four times since its original scheduled launch in 2020, we can only hope that the overhaul doesn’t get delayed beyond Summer 2022.