League players call for color change to “pay-to-win” ward skins

Elise WardLeague of Legends

After being tricked by a champion outline that looked like a ward, League players are asking for a uniform model for wards.

There are a lot of skills that League of Legends players need to master in order to rise up the ranks, from last hitting to trading to objective control.

Along with those skills is knowing how to place, control, and remove vision, which allows teams to find and take favorable fights and get big advantages.

However, some League players have noticed that there is an issue with the vision trinkets, also known as wards, that can trick enemies if a player has a certain ward skin.

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Ward skins are tricking League players

A League of Legends player shared a clip of their game to Reddit where they were faked out by the champion Heimerdinger in the brush. While using the vision sweeper to see if there was a ward in the brush (meaning the enemy had vision on their whereabouts), the player was surprised to find that it was, in fact, an enemy champion – and almost paid the price.

The player said, “I was sure Heimer was a ward since there are skins like the Demacia Vice ward, etc that look identical to a Heimer with his current skin.”

The player noted that there were similar issues with other skins whose outlines look like champions, or can be bigger than the champion they might expect to find in the brush.

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League of Legends offers a vast collection of cosmetics, so there are tons of ways to customize your wards with different themed skins.

Although this can be a fun way to express yourself in-game, it’s causing a problem and tricking players into thinking that that ward in the brush is actually a champion, or vice versa.

While players disagree with the poster labelling these as “pay-to-win” skins, most do agree that wards should have a uniform outline or some distinguishing feature to tell them apart from champions.