League players baffled as Riot disables All chat in patch 11.21

Jaret Kappelman
League players baffled as Riot disables All chat in patch 11.21
Riot Games

As Riot Games rolled out one of the last League of Legends patches of Season 11, they revealed all chat will be disabled in 11.21 to lower toxicity, and players are baffled. 

Season 11 of League of Legends is winding down but that hasn’t stopped Riot Games from testing out a game-changing feature in 11.21.

League has constantly been viewed as having a toxic community with players on opposite teams flaming others over a match. Now, Riot will be testing a fix to this chronic issue by disabling all chat during games in the next patch.

League players confused by Riot’s decision to turn off all chat

In an effort to limit toxicity and try to make the game more enjoyable for the player base, LoL devs want to see what feedback players have from matches with all chat turned off.

In their official blog post, Riot said, “We believe the tradeoff is worth it to cut down on the growing negativity /all chat has been creating in your games.”

This took the community by surprise, as not everyone who plays the game feels that all chat is the biggest issue with negative games. One Redditor said, “The death of gg ez.” Another added, “Death of glhf.”

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Riot Games
Riot Games is disabling all chat in League of Legends to try and lower toxicity.

While the community debated if it made sense one person suggested adding better rewards for being a friendly gamer.

You know what would might help take toxicity down? Better honor rewards,” one player suggested

Currently, players that reach Honor Level 5 will be granted some Key Fragments, Blue Essence, Champion Shards, and a random emote or ward skin.

Pro player for SK Gaming, Erik ‘ Treatz’ Wessen joined in and gave his opinion on the matter, claiming team chat is actually more toxic than all chat.

Others wondered if this change would only benefit Ranked, as it is highly competitive and tends to have more toxicity, depending on the results of this test it could even be a mode-specific option in the future.

For now, players will have to play the near future with no all chat but that doesn’t mean this will be a permanent feature. Riot plans to keep this active for a couple of patches, then get player feedback.