League players are randomly getting permabanned & no one knows why

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League of Legends players are reporting that their accounts are randomly getting banned en masse, and nobody knows why it’s happening.

Waves of League players have reported on social media that they logged into their League of Legends account to see they had been permabanned.

Despite no warning or prior behavioral discipline, Riot Games have been banning accounts out of the blue and players are scrambling for answers on how to get their accounts back.

Popular League insider Jacob Wolf even voiced his frustration over this random punishment stating, “I’ve not had a behavior warning in eight years.”

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How to fix League account suspension error

The good news for players that are getting this “Account Suspended” message is that it appears to be a massive glitch on Riot’s end. Many players have claimed that continually logging out and logging back in could solve the issue.

This method isn’t confirmed to work for everyone, but plenty of players have reported that the issue could resolve itself by merely logging back in a few times.

LoL players have been reporting that this suspension problem has been happening for over a week now.

Asked for comment, Riot Games described the issue as a “temporary bug” and has deployed a hotfix that has since solved the issue.

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