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League player goes viral for dominating on Yuumi with broken hand

Published: 15/Jan/2022 19:48 Updated: 16/Jan/2022 0:20

by Lawrence Scotti


A League of Legends player went viral for playing Yuumi with a broken hand by piloting the enchanter with a pen shoved into his hand cast.

Yuumi is known as one of the more volatile champions on Summoner’s Rift. The enchanter was the most banned champion at Worlds 2021 when many claimed she was at her most “broken.”

The cat is also notorious for being one of the easiest champions to play, as her kit revolves around attaching herself to allies and rotating between her two main spells.

One League player showed just how easy Yuumi is to use by posting a video of them playing the cat with a hand in a cast.


Yuumi standing on a book in League of Legends
Riot Games
Yuumi was released in League of Legends on May 2019.

League player shows how easy Yuumi is

User Reddawg868 posted a video to League’s subreddit page that instantly shot up to the top of the forum titled, “Broke 2 of my fingers, decided to pick up Yuumi. Things are going well :).”

In the video, he said: “Here’s the new Yuumi meta, what I do is I’m holding a pen between my thumb and my index, and I can use it to press Q, W, E… and I have full access to my abilities. The game is over for these other supports.”

Even with a hand entirely in a cast due to two broken fingers, Reddawg was still able to pilot Yuumi effectively.


The video reached over one thousand upvotes in just under a few hours after being posted.

One viewer in the comment section dropped a sarcastic reply, “Guide coming soon? This is advanced stuff.”

While some Yuumi players could take offense to the video, it certainly is a creative way to play League of Legends while dealing with an injury.