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League Patch 10.15 to feature Yuumi, Swain buffs, Aphelios nerfs, more

Published: 15/Jul/2020 4:31 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 8:02

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends Patch 10.15 is on the horizon, and with it comes a hefty stack of buffs and nerfs. Yuumi, Swain, and Skarner headline the buffs, while notorious AD carry Aphelios is in the nerf firing line. Here’s everything you need to know about Riot’s planned July 21 update.

The League of Legends balancing slate is starting to get interesting, as Riot’s international World Championship looms in the distance. Work has already started to “shape the Worlds meta,” developer Mark Yetter revealed.

There are a few major changes set to ship onto live servers during League Patch 10.15, the Riot gameplay designer confirmed. Front and center is divisive bot laner Aphelios, who will have his turrets nerfed in the July 21 balance update.


Yuumi, who has also drawn the ire of League fans, will also be getting worked on in the next cycle. She will get some power back into her kit, however. The main tweak for the Magical Cat will be related to her passive mana restore.

Yuumi League of Legends splashart.
Riot Games
Yuumi is getting a small passive buff in the upcoming League Patch 10.15.

Skarner, Swain getting hefty overhauls

Yetter also revealed two number slates for Skarner and Swain early. The diamond-built JG will be getting damage bonuses on his Q, as well as a tweaked mana cost. Swain, on the other hand, is mainly having cooldowns changed.

“Swain balance target is to help both solo lanes and support players equally,” Yetter said on Twitter after unveiling the patch cycle’s planned changes. “[These changes should] skew him a bit better in high Elo, because he currently stomps in low [Elo].”


Ornn, Lee Sin, Twisted Fate, Thresh, and Fiddlesticks’ tank jungle variant are also set to get nerfed in League Patch 10.15. Shen, Gragas, Irelia, and Caitlyn are all in line to get a bit of a boost in the next cycle, Riot confirmed.

Rune & item changes

In non-champion changes, basic support item Spellthief’s Edge will also get buffs. The mage-based default item, which eventually builds into Frostfang and Shard of True Ice, has fallen by the wayside to its tankier counterpart in Relic Shield.

Finally, the Summoner Spellbook rune will be nerfed during LoL Patch 10.15. At the moment, the popular rune pick allows you to swap equipped summoner spells with “a new, single-use spell.” Yetter did not reveal how they would be nerfing the rune.


Aphelios League of Legends splashart.
Riot Games
Aphelios is in line for what feels like his 15th consecutive League of Legends nerf.

League of Legends Patch 10.15 is set to be released on Tuesday, July 21. Dexerto expects to have full details on all upcoming changes once Riot devs reveal specific numbers on the buffs and nerfs, and will update when they’re released.

League Patch 10.15 preview notes



  • Crescendum Turrets activation delay 0.25s → 0.35s.
  • Turret range 575 → 500.
  • Inferum hurricane bolts no longer damage enemies they pass through; crit cone missiles 8 → 6; hurricane missile count 4 → 3; crit cone missiles 8 →5; Hurricane cone length reduced by 100 units.


  • Base armor 36 → 33.

Lee Sin

  • W cooldown 12s → 14s.


  • W minion healing 25% → 15%.

Twisted Fate

  • W cooldown 6 → 8-6s.


  • W cooldown 22-12 → 22-14.


  • Q damage 33-45% total attack damage → 0.15 total attack damage (+1-3% target’s Max Health); Q empowered bonus damage 33-45% total attack damage and +0.3 ability power → 0.15 total attack damage (+1-3% target’s max health) +3 ability power; empowered buff duration 4 → 5; mana cost 10/11/12/13/14 → 15.
  • [Removed]: E missiles no longer lose travel speed after hitting enemies.


  • Movement speed 335 → 235.
  • Passive cooldown 12-6 → 10; now scales with cooldown reduction; passive mana restore removed.
  • Q cooldown 10-4 → 9-3; bolt angle 10 → 8 degrees (narrower cone); [NEW] bolts pass through champions.
  • W range 3500 → 5500-7500; damage 100-300 → 80-240; mana cost 70-130 → 70-110.
  • E cooldown 13-9 → 10; mana cost 60-80 → 50.


  • Passive shield 50-101 → 70-121.


  • W ability power ratio 50 → 60%.
  • R ability power ratio 70 → 80%.


  • Passive attack speed per stack 8-12% → 8-16%.


  • Base attack damage 62 → 65.
  • Movement speed 325 → 330.


  • Passive mana restore 50-150 → 25-100 (+8% max mana); cooldown 20-8 → 18-6.


Summoner Spellbook

  • Starting cooldown 240 → 300s; cooldown reduction per unique spell 20 → 25s.

Spellthief Build Items

  • Spellthief’s Edge mana regeneration 25 → 50%
  • Frostfang mana regeneration 50 → 75%
  • Shard of True Ice ability power 45 → 50.