League Patch 10.4 hotfix nerfs Sona top again, buffs Soraka

Riot Games

Some of League of Legends’ latest changes have fallen flat, with the developers “reacting quickly” to hotfix problem areas of Patch 10.4, including Sona top, Soraka support, and Immolate items.

League’s Patch 10.4 targeted some of the game’s most oppressive champions, especially in the top lane like Soraka and Sona. The two enchanter supports have been wreaking havoc in solo queue and pro play, with Riot keeping the duo on a short leash.

However, the changes introduced in the February 19 update fell a bit of out line, with a hotfix required to get everything up to scratch.

DJ Sona skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Sona is still being picked in the top lane on Patch 10.4 despite being hit with nerfs.

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The hotfix, which will be implemented later on February 20, will look to “make sure everything ends up as intended,” according to lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter.

“We expect to sometimes have to follow up on changes and want to react quickly,” he added on Twitter following the hotfix update.

The major talking points of the 10.4 hotfix are the newly-reworked Immolate items, Sona top, and Soraka support. Immolate made items like Sunfire Cape a much more appealing prospect ⁠— maybe too much so, after giving tanks more access to burst damage than Riot may have intended.

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To stop people abusing the new passive in the top lane and jungle, Immolate will have its pulse cooldown increased across all four items from 10 to 12 seconds.

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On top of that, it’ll do less damage across the board, losing 1% bonus HP damage on Bami’s Cinder, Sunfire Cape, Forgefire Cape, and the Cinderhulk jungle upgrade.

Sona top also came out of her Patch 10.4 nerfs looking a bit too strong for Riot’s liking. The Maven of the Strings will be losing a chunk of her base AD and her AD scaling to make it harder to last hit, while her E movement speed bonus has been almost halved from 20% to 10-14%.

Star Guardian Soraka skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Soraka came out of Patch 10.4 a bit worse for wear, with a hotfix being implemented to boost her support power.

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However, one champion who didn’t fare so well after the recent patch was Soraka. After dominating the top lane for the last couple of patches, Riot were happy with her current state up there, but she was lacking in the support role.

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To help her, the hotfix will include a cooldown buff at early ranks on her W, down from eight seconds to six, as well as a lower mana cost and health cost when rejuvenated.

A number of bug fixes are also being shipped, including the Rengar Tiamat bug which allows him to proc it at range while in bushes, and the Rakan Guardian bug that allows him to shield allies from across the map.

The League Patch 10.4 hotfix is expected to ship later on February 20.

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League of Legends Patch 10.4 hotfix notes

Immolate items

  • Pulse cooldown: 10 > 12
  • Bami pulse damage: 6-23 (+2% bonus HP) > 6-23 (+1% bonus HP)
  • Sunfire pulse damage: 26-43 (+5% bonus HP) > 26-43 (+4% bonus HP)
  • Forgefire pulse damage: 26-43 (+5% bonus HP) > 26-43 (+4% bonus HP)
  • Cinderhulk pulse damage: 12-29 (+4% bonus HP) > 12-29 (+3% bonus HP)


  • Base AD: 49 > 45
  • AD per level: 3 > 2
  • E self-haste: 20% > 10-14%


  • W cooldown: 8-2 > 6-2
  • W mana cost: 50-70 > 40-60
  • W health cost reduction when rejuvenated: 40-100% > 60-100%