League of Legends Patch 10.10 to feature Irelia buffs, Diana nerfs, more

Riot Games

The League of Legends Patch 10.10 picture is coming together, with Riot confirming their plans for buffs and nerfs in LoL’s May 13 update ⁠— including boosts for Irelia and Sivir, and the opposite for Diana, Miss Fortune, and more.

Champions across Summoner’s Rift are coming under the spotlight in 10.10’s new balance changes. Last patch saw a focus on top and jungle, and the devs are planning overhauls in mid and bot ⁠— this week, however, will be more diverse.

Dominant meta picks like Diana, Katarina, and Miss Fortune headline the new patch’s main nerfs. On the other side of the coin, long-absent choices like Udyr, Annie, and Sivir may finally return to the fore after their expected buffs.

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Diana, Miss Fortune headline Patch 10.10 changes

Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter confirmed a bundle of League champions would be getting some love this patch. This includes out-of-favor junglers Udyr and Nidalee. Twisted Fate and Annie will also be buffed.

There’s also plenty of champs set for nerfs, including Miss Fortune and Diana. The first has shone in Season 10 thanks to her high damage and mobility, but the latter of that is taking a hit in 10.10. Her W bonus movement is being culled by 20 at all ranks.

The Scorn of the Moon won’t be as tanky any more either, taking a hit to her base health.

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Top lane power picks like Kled and Maokai ⁠— the latter of whom has been having a surprise renaissance across the Rift recently  ⁠— will also be getting tuned slightly. Katarina, Taric, and Kayn’s Rhaast form round out Riot’s nerf plans.

Many of these picks seem like they fall in line with Riot’s new plan to bring mid’s power down a touch, and boost bot, but according to Yetter, the devs are keeping those changes back a patch to give all the tweaks “more time to be tested.”

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Reworked Fiddlesticks set for more changes in 10.10

Fiddlesticks was not mentioned by Yetter either. Nevertheless, changes for the scarecrow’s reworked kit have landed on LoL’s testing servers. According to data found by Surrender@20, he’s set for more interesting tweaks.

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The Ancient Fear’s passive is the main focus for the current PBE changes ⁠— which may or may not land on live servers in Patch 10.10. Firstly, the activation time for Fiddle’s scarecrow pose has been increased from 1s to 2s.

The passive now also has an added fear bonus “if Fiddlesticks casts a spell on an opponent while pretending to be an effigy”. This change looks like it’s being made to encourage players to ‘fake out’ their opponents more often.

Finally, the scarecrow has also had his Bountiful Harvest (W) tweaked slightly. The ability’s minion damage mod previously clocked in at 60% reduction. That has now been dropped to just 40% reduction in his PBE changes.

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Miss Fortune is another of Season 10's top picks that's finally seeing nerfs next patch.Riot Games
Miss Fortune is another of Season 10’s top picks that’s finally seeing nerfs next patch.

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League’s new Pulsefire skin line, which includes premium cosmetics for Ekko, Fiora, Lucian, and Pantheon, will also be available in 10.10. Riot has also confirmed popular limited-time mode URF is returning next patch too.

League of Legends Patch 10.10 is expected to arrive on Wednesday, May 13. You can find the full patch preview below.

League of Legends Patch 10.10 preview notes



  • Base health: 594 > 570


  • Passive AP ratio: 55/70/85/100% > 55/66/77/88%


  • Passive healing (Rhaast): 34.5-43% > 30-40% of damage dealt


  • Q cooldown: 9-7 seconds > 11-7 seconds


  • Q mana cost: 50 > 60

Miss Fortune

  • W max movement speed: 60-100 > 40-80


  • Health per level: 90 > 85
  • W bonus armor: 10-20% > 10-14%



  • E damage reduction: 10-22% > 13-29%
  • R aura damage: 10-20 (+10% AP) > 20-40 (+20% AP)


  • E damage: 70-230 > 80-260


  • Q AP ratio: 40% > 50%


  • E mana restore: 80-140 > 110-150


  • Q damage: 75-215 > 85-225
  • W health refund when rejuvenated: 60-100% > 80-100%

Twisted Fate

  • Base AD: 49.954 > 52
  • R mana cost: 150 > 100


  • Movement speed: 345 > 350