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League of Legends: Wild Rift release details and specs revealed

Published: 16/May/2020 16:27 Updated: 16/Sep/2020 2:25

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games has revealed that their highly anticipated mobile game, League of Legends: Wild Rift, will soon be released in its Alpha stage, starting in Brazil and the Philippines.

The League10 anniversary stream revealed many of the secret projects that Riot had in the works such as Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, and much more.


However, they also caught the attention of many mobile gamers after revealing they would be soon releasing the iconic MOBA on Android, iOS, and consoles, with League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Riot Games
League of Legends is finally coming to mobile.

While Wild Rift will have some differences from the original game, to better accommodate the experience for mobile and console players, it has still excited many fans for its upcoming release.


After a glitch with the Google Play store was found, which accidentally displayed Wild Rift for a brief period, many suggested it would not take too much longer until players could get their hands on it.

Riot Games
Wild Rift will have some differences from the original version of League of Legends.

Up until now, little has been shared on when players can expect Wild Rift to be available, however, on May 15 Riot announced that it would soon be moving to Alpha stage ahead of its worldwide launch expected later in the year.

Riot revealed that they would initially be rolling out a limited alpha test starting in Brazil and the Philippines in June before it is made available elsewhere.


As many players were concerned about the specs needed to play the title on mobile, it was clarified that, at launch, the minimum specs players will need to have on their device, includes these specs or above: “1.5gb RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU.”

For ioS players, the equivalent would be an iPhone 6 and above, with the LoL Wild Rift devs explaining they are trying to make the game as accessible as possible: “We’re aiming to make the game available to as many devices as we can while not compromising on Wild Rift’s core gameplay.”

While it is still unclear when Wild Rift will be available for fans worldwide to test, Riot teased that more information will be released towards the end of May.


RunTheFUTMarket explains why FIFA 21 players need “stimulus package”

Published: 20/Oct/2020 16:24

by David Purcell


YouTuber Nick ‘RunTheFUTMarket’ Bartels is one of the most clued up on Ultimate Team trends and after seeing FIFA 21’s market “crash” so early – he’s now calling for a stimulus package from EA SPORTS. 

The popular content creator is among the most trusted for FUT tips, attracting millions of viewers to his YouTube channel each year. As players buy and sell cards every day, it can be difficult to predict whether or not your team’s valuation will be worth higher or lower from one day to the next.


To solve that problem, as prices of many cards are fallen massively since its early October launch, Nick has now proposed a US Government-style stimulus package. Back in April, Congress passed a package that saw many American citizens handed $1,200 to get the economy back moving.

But, would it work in FIFA?

Players celebrating in FIFA 21
Prices of players are falling at an alarming rate, according to RunTheFUTMarket.

RunTheFUTMarket’s FIFA 21 “stimulus” idea explained

RunTheFUTMarket put the idea forward during his October 19 upload, where he claimed the market would soon stabilize if EA handed out free coins to everybody. The idea may seem popular, or even wacky, on the surface but he laid out the proposal during the video.

He said: “The market, again, is struggling big time. Most cards you have probably bought in a team are down. Look, I’m proposing to EA SPORTS that we need a stimulus package. 85,000 coins per week to every single person who plays FUT.

“If we can get a stimulus package quickly, it should be enough to inflate and keep the market up, because right now the market is not surviving.”


Segment starts at 1:37 in the video below. 

Would it ever happen?

The content creator ran through a few examples of cards that fluctuate a lot on the high end, using Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin TOTW card as an example. That wasn’t the only one, either, explaining that many have fallen through the floor in terms of value.

“At this rate, everything is going to be discard value in a couple of weeks – at this rate,” he claimed. “We’re going at an alarming rate, currently, of the market. It’s not good guys.”


Now, this is something EA have never implemented in their game, and are unlikely to ever pull the trigger in such a way. So much revenue made each year from FUT packs – based on the challenge of accruing more coins. Therefore, this would seemingly dampen the hopes of any stimulus package ever coming to light.

Should the market continue to rapidly drive down the prices of players, the developers can step in with new price point brackets for minimum listings. That’s one way things have changed in the past.


No doubt players will rally behind the idea, especially the big spenders, but it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.