League of Legends Wild Rift gameplay reveal: champions, map, more

Riot Games

Riot Games has released much more information on their upcoming mobile & console game League of Legends Wild Rift. They have now revealed the new champion list, map size, and much more.

After announcing that they would be moving Wild Rift into its Alpha stage, as part of their pre-launch testing, in Brazil and the Philippines, Riot has given League fans a proper look at the new title in the gameplay reveal on May 29.

The reveal answered many of the questions that fans had been asking, as Riot detailed what exactly players can expect from the new title, when they finally get their hands on it later in the year.

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Riot Games
Riot has shared a look at League of Legends: Wild Rift’s gameplay in their latest reveal.

Wild Rift Champions

Champions and their unique abilities can alter much of the gameplay in League of Legends, however, only a select number of champions from the original title will be available in the early stages of Wild Rift.

Riot also revealed a full list of the champions in the starting roster, with 36 out of the 148 LoL champions already included in Wild Rift, giving players a good amount of choice in each role.

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Many of the fan-favorite champs will be included, such as Zed and Yasuo, and Riot dev David Xu explained that much of the champions’ kits would remain the same in Wild Rift, adding that they “only look for changes where it makes sense.”

Wild Rift Map and Controls

Wild Rift is set to feature a “dual-stick control scheme” making it ideal for both console and mobile players to adjust to during its release.

“We have invested a ton into aiming, targeting, and some new tech, we’re not ready to show yet,” Xu teased, claiming that they had been working a lot on making the controls feel smooth for the players.

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Riot also shared that they will be slightly downsizing the map in Wild Rift, allowing for faster pacing and more action compared to standard matches on Summoner’s Rift, while keeping all of the necessary jungle camps and objectives.

Riot Games
The Wild Rift is slightly smaller than the original League of Legends map.

Gameplay and Runes

They also highlighted that much of the pre-game lobby would remain the same, as players would still be able to choose runes and summoner spells in Champion Select before loading into the rift.

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They have also added some new runes that have not been released in League of Legends, such as “Sweet Fruit”, where players will receive gold for destroying Honeyfruit plants in the jungle.

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Riot Games
There will be some brand new runes added to Wild Rift ahead of its global launch.

While many core elements in Wild Rift will be quite similar to the current build of League of Legends, it was revealed that the games would be much shorter, “Wild Rift has all the phases of a League game you would expect but shortened to 15 to 20 minutes.”

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Character skins will also be included for the release of the new game, with some of the legendary skins in League receiving an updated look for Wild Rift, allowing players to customize their favorite champions to their liking.

While the exact worldwide launch date is still unclear, you can find more information on Riot’s upcoming title on our League of Legends: Wild Rift hub here

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