Is League of Legends Wild Rift coming to console?

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Jan 05, 2022
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Riot Games

Is League of Legends Wild Rift coming to console? Here’s everything we know about playing the LoL mobile game on Playstation, Xbox, and Switch. 

While Riot Games’ iconic MOBA, League of Legends, has become a hit with PC and Mac users across the globe, it has never been released on console.

Wild Rift marked a step in the right direction, bringing the game to mobile and opening up avenues for future console ports.

So, will League of Legends Wild Rift be coming to console in the future? Or will we see an entirely new game? Here’s everything we know about future PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch versions of the title.


Riot Games
Waiting for Wild Rift on console? So is Evelynn.

Is League of Legends Wild Rift on console?

Wild Rift is not available on console at the moment, but the official website notes that it is “coming soon.”

With the beta for the mobile version dropping all the way back in March of 2021, we may get some new information around its one-year anniversary – but we’ll just have to wait and see!

League of Legends Wild Rift: Release dates & platforms

As we mentioned earlier, ‘coming soon’ is as close to an official release date as we’re getting, but Riot have confirmed that Wild Rift will likely be coming to some of the biggest consoles out there.

During a Riot Games roundtable in 2021, the devs noted “you can imagine the sorts of folks we’re talking to,” implying that the likes of Microsoft and Sony are on the list for Xbox and PlayStation respectively.

One console that’s literally built for Wild Rift, though, is the Nintendo Switch. A mobile console in itself, we’ll probably see the game drop on there, too.

So that’s everything we know about League of Legends Wild Rift on console. Looking to keep an eye on all things LoL? Be sure to check out our dedicated page.