League of Legends Volibear rework: Abilities, skins, and everything we know

Riot Games

Riot Games have revealed a full look at all of Volibear’s upcoming changes after League of Legends fans voted for his VGU rework alongside Fiddlesticks in 2019.

The developers revealed that Volibear and Fiddlesticks would be the next champions in line for a rework after hosting a community vote for fans in 2019.

Following the massive Fiddlesticks rework which was released on April 1, Riot announced that Volibear’s VGU was also nearly ready to be added to Summoner’s Rift. They have shared a full look at his updated abilities, character model, and skins in their May 8 unveiling.

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Riot Games
Riot has revealed all of Volibear’s changes in the May 8 reveal.

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Similarly to Fiddlesticks’ VGU, the Thunderous Demigod’s update did not stray too far from his original look, with the new character model being more suited to the ferocious champion’s lore.

Riot hosted a livestream for the full reveal on May 8, highlighting all of Volibear’s new abilities and updated character skins in action. You can find a recap of the full champion reveal down below.

While the statistics on each ability are still yet to be determined, the reworked kit looks significantly more competitive than before. This includes a terrifying new Ultimate ability that sees Volibear leap to his target while also gaining bonus health and disabling nearby turrets.

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Volibear’s reworked abilities

  • Passive – Volibear’s attacks and abilities grant attack speed, and eventually cause his basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Q – Volibear gains speed towards enemies, stunning and damaging the first one he attacks.
  • – Volibear damages an enemy, applying on-hit effects and marking them. Casting this spell again on the same target deals bonus damage and heals Volibear.
  • E – Volibear summons a lightning bolt at a location, dealing damage and slowing enemies while granting Volibear a shield if he’s inside the blast radius.
  • R – Volibear leaps to a target location, slowing and damaging enemies beneath him while gaining bonus health. Enemy towers near his landing location become temporarily disabled.

Riot also introduced a new passive for the champion which increases attack speed with basic attacks and abilities, eventually causing his attacks to deal magic damage in the form of chain lightning to all nearby enemies.

With these new ability changes, alongside others such as a stun in his new kit, it is likely that Volibear will be even more flexible than before and could be viable in solo lanes, Support, and as a Jungler following the rework.

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After sharing a look at the abilities and some of Frejlordian Bear’s new skins, such as the free Eldritch Horror-style skin, Riot announced that they would be hosting a limited-time event in the ARAM mode where players can earn an exclusive Volibear emote until May 12.

However, Volibear fans will have to wait a little while longer to get their hands on the Ursine champion as he is due to be added to live servers on May 28 but will be able to test the latest changes on PBE starting May 12.

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