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League of Legends • Jan 10, 2019

Riot Games reveal new League of Legends skins for Valentine's Day

Riot Games

Riot Games have revealed the new skins coming for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations.


Breaking slightly from the “Heartseeker” denomination that marks most of the Valentine’s skins, this year’s additions to the line will be “Heartbreaker Vi” and “Heartpiercer Fiora”.

As usual, pink hearts and red roses are the theme for each champion’s new Valentine’s look, joining the likes of Ashe, Lucian, and Orianna, who are among those to have previously received a skin for the romantic holiday.

As well as the outfits themselves, the new skins also come with Valentine’s-themed animations for the champions’ recalls and abilities.

Riot Games
Heartbreaker Vi
Riot Games
Heartpiercer Fiora

YouTube channel SkinSpotlights also put together a highlight reel showing off the new skins in-game, so players can see exactly what they’d be getting if they choose to pick them up.

Each skin will cost 1,350 RP, although Riot Games have not yet announced when the new skins will be made available or how long they will be available for.

Players who wish to guarantee getting their hands on the new skins, however, will have to grab them during their initial sale, as seasonal content is eventually added to the Legacy Vault. Though Legacy content can be received via the likes of Hextech Chests and may be made directly purchasable again in future, there’s no assured way of getting a hold of it once the event ends.