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League leaks seemingly confirm Victorious Lucian skin for Season 10

Published: 18/Sep/2020 8:58

by Andrew Amos


The Victorious skin is a hot topic every year in League of Legends. It usually goes to a champion who’s had a high impact on both pro play and solo queue. In Season 10, it looks like that honor is being bestowed on Lucian, teasers from Riot have revealed.

Last year it was Aatrox. The year before, Orianna. This year, the first marksman since Sivir in Season 5 could be receiving the prestigious Victorious skin in League of Legends: Lucian.


Teasers released by Riot Taiwan have all but confirmed the Demacian to be the recipient of one of League’s most sought after skins. The two images look exactly like Lucian, from the light pistol he wields, to his iconic dreads.

Lucian, who has been in League of Legends since 2013, has been a popular pick ever since. It was only a matter of time until he got his Victorious skin, which would certainly bring smiles to the faces of Lucian mains.


Lucian has had a high presence in both solo queue and pro play, especially in the second half of the year. This was thanks to consecutive buffs in Patch 10.11, 10.13, and 10.16. After the latter buff, his playrate skyrocketed in pro play, becoming a must-pick in most regional finals.

He has around 25% pick rate in solo queue according to stats site LoLalytics, spanning across top, mid, and bot lane. While he doesn’t boast a stellar win rate ⁠— around 49% ⁠— Lucian’s high pick rate speaks volumes about his influence on Season 10.

While there are potentially a couple of other theories ⁠— Gangplank rising up as a possible challenger ⁠— most are convinced that the teasers are of Lucian.

Pulsefire Lucian Prestige skin in League of Legends
Riot Games
Lucian has already received two skins in 2020, including a Prestige one.

How to get Victorious Lucian in League of Legends

The conditions to get Victorious Lucian ⁠— or whoever the Victorious skin is eventually given to ⁠— in Season 10 will be the same as other seasons. If you finished the rank season in Gold or above, you’ll be bestowed the skin when the season ends.

You also need to be above Honor Level 2 and have an account in good standing ⁠— that means no current suspensions on your account when the ranked season ends.

It’s unclear if extra chromas will be on the line too. Last year, if you finished higher than Gold in both Flex and Solo queues, you received a bonus chroma. We will update you once more information arises.

League of Legends

Astralis fined by Riot Games after LEC investigation

Published: 13/Oct/2020 14:27 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:33

by Calum Patterson


Danish esports organization Astralis must pay a €5,000 fine, and must fulfill new requirements, Riot Games has ruled after an investigation into the team’s missing salary payments to players, and the actions of the team’s general manager.

LEC Commissioner Maximillian Peter Schmidt said that “multiple Astralis Team Members had reached out to the League reporting missing salary payments as well as conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager by the interim Astralis General Manager.”


The LEC investigation found that the missing salary payments were “tied to the specifics of the Danish jurisdiction and human error.”

“Astralis was fully cooperative and swiftly resolved the matter,” the ruling continues. “The League confirmed all missing payments have now been received by the Team Members.”

Origen LoL team
Riot Games
Astralis previously played under the Origen brand in the LEC, until rebranding in September.

However, the investigation also found that “the Astralis GM exhibited conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager including the misrepresentation of certain contract terms with the Team Members and a singular instance of verbal misconduct.”

The GM in question is not named. Astralis’s former GM, Martin ‘Deficio’ Lynge, who was there when the team went by Origen in the LEC, left at the same time as the rebranding was announced, back in September.

In addition to the €5,000 fine, Astralis must now meet four extra requirements as an organization in the LEC:

  • Astralis is required to establish and communicate a direct avenue which Team Members can use to report potential grievances towards the Astralis ownership group.
  • Astralis is required to establish an on-boarding program for their Team Members including an outline of the above as well as an overview of Danish vacation pay and tax/payment/EasyID requirements.
  • The League will schedule check-in calls with all Team Members in the 2021 Season to ensure the above has been executed.
  • Astralis and their General Manager will be officially warned for conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager as we consider the LEC organizations responsible for the actions of their employees.

At the time of writing, Astralis has not commented publicly on the LEC’s ruling.

The organization is best known for its CS:GO team, and rebranded their FIFA and LoL teams to unify the brand under the Astralis banner.