League of Legends: Sylas breakdown shows full kit and best ways to use it

. 3 years ago
Riot Games

League of Legends fans have been clamoring for more news on the game’s latest champion since early details teased an entirely unique kit that had some players apprehensive, but full details on the character have released.

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Even though Sylas has been on the PBE for January, Riot Games released the Champion Spotlight for their latest combatant that properly breaks down his kit and ways to use it.

Sylas will join the likes of Kassadin and Kennen as mages who want to get as near as enemies as possible to deal the most damage.

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Riot Games
Sylas is bound to wreak havoc once he’s released onto the Rift.

His Chain Lash ability makes Sylas strike with his chains that hurt and slow players hit, and deals additional damage while further slowing players caught in the explosion that occurs at the intersection of his metal whips.

The Kingslayer ability damages an enemy champion while healing Sylas. The heal is increased if Sylas is at low health, as does the damage if the enemy is at low health.

For the two-part E ability, Abscond and Abduct, lunges Sylas forward and a recast will throw out his whip that will pull him toward and damaging an enemy if it connects.

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His controversial Ultimate, Hijack, has varying degrees of usefulness depending on which champion was targeted. After throwing out his chains and taking an Ult, Sylas will have a cooldown for his ult and for the champion it was used on, preventing against spamming one enemies ult.

His bruiser style of play comes together with his passive, Petricite Burst, that gives an AoE empowered auto attack after using an ability. With his two part E, gap closer and slows, Sylas can chain devastating combos in quick succession.

The latest champ is sure to attract a lot of players due to his diverse kit that can sway any battle on the fly.

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