League of Legends streamer RATIRL gets outsmarted by “blue buff” Neeko player

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League of Legends streamer RATIRL had an unfortunate run-in with the new Neeko rework when a player ganked him while being disguised as a blue buff from the enemy jungle.

The Neeko rework has only been out for a few days, but it’s already become a source of unexpected playstyles and hilarity on the rift, and many players aren’t yet sure what she can actually do now.

This means that even long-term players have been caught out by Neeko players pushing the limits of the champion’s new abilities, as Rat demonstrated during this gank.

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Neeko rework confuses League of Legends streamer RATIRL

RATIRL was playing Nami support in the bot lane when an innocent-looking blue buff wandered out of the enemy jungle, and moved towards his lane.

Rat tunnel-visioned onto the enemy laners, completely ignoring the buff’s movement. But when the buff turned into a Neeko channeling her ultimate, he was completely surprised, saying: “Wait- what the f*ck? I don’t believe it!”

His lane partner was annoyed that Rat fell for the new trick, saying: “It was a blue buff! How do you not know?”

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Rat replied: “I don’t know, I wasn’t even thinking about it! There was just a blue buff in my lane. Why was there a blue buff?”

In Rat’s defence, the Neeko rework hasn’t been live for that long, and her low playrate means that most players won’t have had much practice against her new kit, which lets her transform into anything with a health bar in the game.

When Neeko first released, players had similar experiences with her ability to transform into allied champions. Now that she’s able to transform into so many other different things, it might be a while before we get used to her again.

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