League of Legends streamer Imaqtpie gets trolled by Riot Games for April Fools’ Day

imaqtpie / Riot Games

Popular League of Legends streamer Michael ‘imaqtpie’ Santana got a special message from Riot Games soon after losing a match where he tried to “carry” while playing as support champion Sona.

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Imaqtpie’s career

Imaqtpie is a retired League of Legends pro as well as one of the more popular personalities for the title, and has forged some connections with those working on the team at Riot.

But it looks like one of those connections came to troll him after a one-sided loss while trying to play a carry support during his April 1 stream resulting in a unique April Fool’s jab.

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ImaqtpieImaqtpie has one of the most entertaining LoL streams on Twitch, and has enjoyed a meme-filled career since retiring.

The Twitch personality is famous for his brutal ADC aggression and high-tempo playstyle, but it seems the streamer had another gameplan when he instalocked Sona.

Although he’s actually had some impressive Sona games in the past, his latest attempt at the champ led to a 15-minute loss and a quick word from the Riot team.

“Washed Up ADC”

After the game, qtpie was pleasantly surprised with a post-game feedback survey that had a special message saying: “Please rate your agreement: washed up ADC streamers shouldn’t play support on stream.”

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He was given options from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree, with the streamer naturally choosing the former.

“I think [Riot] is trying to tell me something,” Imaqtpie said. “But my post game damage is telling me something else.”

In his game, qtpie went 0-7-0 with the Maven of the Strings which is a terrible scoreline for anyone, especially for his Diamond 2 smurf account. But he hilariously refused to acknowledge any such notion that he played bad since he had almost 9000 damage in his role.

His insane damage wasn’t nearly enough to carry the team to a win. But Qtpie stuck to his guns since he picked the support champ in his following games.

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League of Legends dev are a riot

It seams Riot Games had similarly targeted other streamers with playful April Fool’s reminders that they’re always watching, with a similar survey going to Team Liquid streamer ‘TF Blade’ and others.

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Imaqtpie isn’t someone to back down from a challenge, and it seems like he’s still trying to make the bot lane duo support strat work. But it has yet to yield results that would impress the League of Legends developers.