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League of Legends reveals new 2019 Halloween skins

Published: 8/Oct/2019 20:21 Updated: 8/Oct/2019 20:35

by Bill Cooney


Halloween has arrived to the Rift and to celebrate, Riot has revealed three new spooky skins that players can collect in League of Legends.

We’re well into October, which means Halloween is only a few weeks away and now LoL players have three new skins to celebrate the holiday with.

There are a total of four new Halloween skins available, but only three champions were selected to get spooky this year.

Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank

Riot/Surrenderat20Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank.

Blitzcrank has been transformed from a mechanical golem into a big bubbling pot of Halloween-appropriate brew. 

Floating around in the ooze is a big, curious looking eye, that scans all around as he travels the map looking for enemies to hook.


Count Kassadin

Riot/Surrenderat20Count Kassadin.

If it’s not obvious from the image, Kassadin has been transformed into a vampire for Halloween this year.

The skin works well with his purple void energy and he even hops into a coffin (complete with bats) for his recall to boot.

Bewitching Miss Fortune

Riot/Surrenderat20Bewitching Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune gets a great witchy makeover with the first of her two Halloween skins this year, her guns are now candles and she has a witch hat instead of her trademark pirate one.

The look of her ultimate also got a makeover with this skin and it’s sure to look great alongside all of the other Bewitched skins in League of Legends.


Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune

Riot/Surrenderat20Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune.

The prestige version of Miss Fortune’s Bewitching skin is similar to the original, but with a white and gold recolor.

It’s definitely one that prestige skin collectors will want to get their hands on – or any other player that prefers the lighter color scheme as well.