League of Legends pro Norskeren apologizes for using racial slur in game

Riot Games

Update 11/8/2019 12:16 PM PST

Splyce owner Overactive Media responded to Dexerto’s request for comment on Norskeren’s situation:

“We’ve taken actions right away on this matter,” Paulo Senra, VP of Global Content and PR, OAM said. “We deleted the video once we were made aware of the situation. We also immediately got on a call with our player to discuss the matter and its impact. He acknowledged his mistake and has publicly apologized for it. This in no way reflects our teams, players or our organization. We at OAM will continue to focus on creating an environment that is inclusive, equitable and respectful.”

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The original text follows. 

Professional League of Legends player Tore “Norskeren” Hoel Eilertset, who plays Support for Splyce, has apologized for using a racial slur during Champ Select in a public match. 

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Norskeren was caught using the racial slur “ngr,” shorthand for a derogatory term we don’t wish to repeat, in Champion Select during a recent behind the scenes video. 

This is a sad cap on what was otherwise a banner year for Splyce, who went out in the quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Championships.

The incident in question, captured in one of Splyce’s behind the scenes videos.
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The Splyce pro was quick to apologize on social media after being called out for the incident only six hours prior, hoping to save face with his fanbase, saying that he “understands the impact of [the word used] and he is truly sorry.” 

Further, he states that he doesn’t believe that it accurately reflects who he is as a person, and what he believes. 

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Reactions from the League of Legends fanbase have been decidedly mixed. While some have condemned Norskeren in the strongest terms, others that replied to his apology have been more sympathetic to his plight, noting that it was “a joke.”

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The video in question, called Taking a Bow, looked at Splyce’s run-up to and including the League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals. It has since been made private on YouTube.

Splyce fell out of the League of Legends World Championship after a loss to SK Telecom T1 3-1 in the Quarterfinals. 

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This is not the first time that racist language has rocked League of Legends. Back in 2016, Hankil “Road” Yoon was suspended and fined $2,000 for using racist remarks towards another player during practice. At the time, the charge was “Unsportsmanlike conduct.” It’s unclear if this charge would apply here as it was not in a professional setting, though Norskeren was in champ select with several Splyce teammates at the time.

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Further examples in esports have included the incident in which OG’s Sebastien “7ckngMad” Debs allegedly ranted against Russian players using racist terms on the DOTA 2 subreddit. 

Splyce/OverActive MediaSplyce has prided itself on representation, so this act comes as a surprise from one of its players.
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Dexerto has reached out to both Splyce and Riot Games to see if there will be any punishments for the player moving forward. 

Splyce is a permanent partner in the League of Legends European Championship but is reportedly rebranding ahead of the 2020 season to Mad Lions.