League of Legends players slam Riot for height differences on Summoner’s Rift

League slam height differencesRiot Games

Players are blasting Riot Games because the height difference on Summoner’s Rift is making casting abilities extremely difficult.

In League of Legends, a plethora of things can have an effect on abilities. You have spells like Yasuo’s Wind Wall thats can stop attacks, minions that can block abilities monsters tanking spells in order for players to be able to CS, level up, and more.

However, sometimes an outside factor, that fans don’t really consider, can affect how abilities work, one that, at crucial moments, can be the difference between winning or losing a team fight — the height difference on Summoner’s Rift itself.

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Riot GamesLeague of Legends spells come in different forms and can change the game in different ways.

League players want Summoner’s Rift height difference removed

First brought up by Reddit user ‘bobbybobsen’ they showcased some of the reasons as to why they think height differences should be removed from Summoner’s Rift.

Utilizing Gangplank’s barrels as their main form of testing, in a video, bobbybobsen compared how various height differences affect spells in the game.

The Reddit user first used a control test where they placed the barrels on a level surface showing them activating just fine. However, once they slightly moved the positioning the barrels didn’t explode, an example of height difference in effect.

Following that, they chose a different section of the map that, although not too far from their original testing area, had a discernible difference when it comes to height, if you actually zoomed the camera in.

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Although both barrels were clearly within the range shown by their indicators, they didn’t explode.

Spells not registering or working due to League of Legends height changes might seem minuscule, but in the middle of a fight they can make all the difference. Only time will tell if Riot will take a look at the issue.