League of Legends players outraged as leaked Senna skin rumored to cost $130

Alex Garton
Senna skin League of Legends
Riot Games

A leaked Senna skin that’s rumored to cost over 18,000 RP to obtain has left League of Legends players concerned and outraged.

While League of Legends players are always focused on improving and perfecting their mechanics on Summoner’s Rift, most of them are also concerned about how they look while they’re taking down their opponents.

Luckily, Riot provides countless skins for the community every season, with each of the cosmetic lines offering completely different themes. Although some champions get a little more love than others, Riot never seems to disappoint when it comes to skins.

However, a recent leak from a reliable source surrounding an upcoming Senna skin has got a lot of the community concerned, as it’s rumored that the cosmetic is going to set players back 18,000 RP – or $130.

Senna skin 18,000 RP
Riot Games
Senna is primarily played in the Support role.

Leaked $130 Senna skin has LoL players concerned

On March 7, League of Legends leaker Big Bad Bear revealed that an Eclipse skin line was coming to the game in the 12.8 patch.

While this news initially got the community excited, it soon turned to disappointment when they revealed that the Eclipse Senna Prestige Edition was going to cost 18,750 RP.

Although the rumored skin won’t be a flat price, it will require players to purchase 25 capsules totaling just over 18,000 RP or $130.

It’s safe to say this news did not go down well with the community and it wasn’t long before a thread discussing the issue was created on the Senna mains subreddit.

For the majority of players, it seems they’re just disappointed that they’re going to miss out on a new skin for the Support as they’re not willing to spend that much money to obtain the Prestige Edition.

“Thought the 18k was supposed to be 1.8k went from looking forward to another legendary to being one step closer to quitting for good”.

However, despite the backlash from the majority of players, some pointed out that buying 25 capsules will net you more than just a single skin and the value does balance out.

“It’s 130 for like 75 skins + senna prestige. why is no one thinking about it… plus you will probably get mythic essence, for which you can get more mythic skins.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that this leak is only a rumor at the moment and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Despite this, with a lot of Senna mains unhappy about the Prestige skin being locked behind 25 capsules, it’ll be interesting to see if Riot changes their pricing when 12.8 goes live.