League of Legends players lash out at Riot for lack of Season 13 content

League of Legends Season 13 Opening Cinematic with MIA PingsRiot Games

League of Legends players have slammed Riot for the lack of content being delivered to the MOBA in its thirteenth season.

Riot Games has run League of Legends for an incredibly long time. Originally released in 2009, the company has balanced the MOBA for over 13 years. During that time, the game has seen several metas, game modes, champions, and items released for players to mess around with.

All this new content has kept players engaged with the game throughout the years, as there was always something to come back to when they opened up League.

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Unfortunately, it seems like a content drought has come over Runeterra, and League of Legends players aren’t too happy about it.

Season 13’s lack of content has seen League of Legends players disappointed in the game developers and has caused the creation of a popular Reddit thread.

Players pointed out the rather lackluster opening cinematic to the Season, only showcasing a butterfly traveling through a model Summoner’s Rift. As a response to the negative feedback, Riot stated that they’d be delivering new content as the season has passed, however, 8 patches in players are yet to receive much.

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“Have they actually done anything since then? Because it seems like little has come out and what has come out was announced with or before season 13.” the Reddit post questioned.

League of Legends players frustrated by lack of new content in season 13

Other Redditors have wondered the same thing, with many only recalling the recent April Fool’s event that placed hats on minions. “April fools hats the only good thing so far” a comment read.

Certain comments even teased that Riot skipped out on the bare minimum, releasing the limited-time URF game mode for players to partake in.

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Users did point out that Riot had given an explanation earlier this year, however, stating that this year would be particularly light in content due to the team issues faced last year.

League of Legends has had plenty of rough patches in the past when it comes to content, but this year’s drought for season 13 has seemingly rubbed the player base in the wrong way.

The future of the title remains uncertain for the moment, but it’s unlikely a lack of content can bring down the monolith known as League of Legends.

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