League of Legends players discover new potential AP Yasuo build after 13.7 buffs

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League of Legends players have discovered a new build for Yasuo revolving around his E ability after it received buffs in Patch 13.7.

Yasuo is arguably one of the most hated champions in all of League of Legends. The Ionian Samurai can slice dice and cut through most enemy teams provided they’re competent enough. With infinite dashes, high mobility, great damage, and an ability that negates all projectiles, Yasuo is effectively disliked by all except those who play him.

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Riot also seems to be a big fan of Yasuo, as they recently decided to give him several buffs in Patch 13.7, bringing him into the limelight. Yasuo’s buffs gave him a higher shield amount in total, increasing his scaling toward the late game.

Alongside the shield buffs, Riot gave Yasuo an adjustment to the way his E ability works. Yasuo’s E, Sweeping Blade allows Yasuo to dash through an enemy once, however, the ability has basically no cooldown and instead has an internal cooldown for each enemy he dashes through.

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Yasuo’s E also stacked damage up to 2 times, with a buff pushing the total stack damage to 4 times. They also adjusted the damage profile to scale better whilst Yasuo is dashing through more targets, giving him a further buff to his late game.

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Yasuo’s most recent buffs gave him a good chunk of damage on his E ability.

League of Legends players discover viability of AP Yasuo build after buffs

Players have gotten their hands on the newly buffed Yasuo, and a creative player has discovered that you can actually build Ability Power (AP) on the champion and net excellent results. Generally speaking, Yasuo builds critical strike chance and attack damage, scaling his auto-attacks to slice through enemies.

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However, Yasuo’s E scales with AP. With the new buffs that the E received, players have discovered that building AP can be quite viable. The bonus stacking damage, alongside the change to its damage profile has made his Sweeping Blade deal insanely high amounts of damage.

YouTuber Cleanse showcased a potential Yasuo build, detailing the massive damage increases the new buffs have given to the champion.

It’s uncertain if these buffs will open up new build paths for Yasuo, as the traditional AD build has proven to be quite a strong option. However, don’t be surprised if the next 0/ 10 Yasuo you see has a Nashor’s Tooth in their inventory.

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