League of Legends

League of Legends skin concept introduces Nidalee to popular K/DA line

by Alan Bernal


League of Legends’ K/DA line of skins was a huge hit with fans when it released November 2018, but one artist’s rendition of Nidalee in the K-pop group could be the most popular skin - if it were actually in the game.

Riot Games celebrated the 2018 Worlds Championship host country South Korea by turning some of the games most popular champions into a K-pop group, complete with original song and video to match.

Artist Tristan ‘Yajuu’ Bour made an incredibly detailed mockup of Nidalee as a new K/DA group member that perfectly encapsulates the delicate balance between fierce and glamour the band depicts.

Looks like Nidalee is ready for the stage and the Rift.


Yajuu’s portrayal of the Bestial Huntress modernized her look by trading in her base skin’s outfit for a chic vest lined with fur, shorts and hair in the K/DA purple as well as over-the-knee socks with trendy sneakers.

Nidalee has also been fitted with a black pointy microphone that seems to double as the trusty spear she takes into combat.

Even in Nidalee’s human form, the beast within her radiates outward with the many scar-like stripes she has on her face all the way down to her thighs.

K/DA Nidalee dons the black, gold and purple theme the band is known for, which also translates over to her Cougar form.

This impressive Nidalee concept art doesn't stop at only her human form.


Nidalee’s beast form now has purple fur with black marking throughout, and has a gold chain on her neck with two gold braces around its tail.

Riot Games should definitely take a second look at Yajuu’s design if they ever look to introduce more members to the official K/DA skin collection.