League of Legends MSI 2020 reportedly canceled

Flickr: LoLEsports/Riot Games

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, MSI, is rumored to have been canceled due to the ongoing world health situation – putting the competitive LoL schedule in a bit of a strange situation. 

While winning the top prize at Worlds might be the goal that every League of Legends team across the globe hopes to achieve, just getting there is a pretty tough task. Teams don’t really venture outside of their own regions – if we discount Rift Rivals – aside from Worlds and MSI.

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The Mid-Season Invitational is where the top teams from each region really get to show how they’re shaping up headed into their second round of splits – as well as building up to Worlds. Though, it appears as if this year’s MSI might not be taking place despite some faint hopes that it actually might proceed.

Riot GamesG2 claimed victory at MSI 2019.

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It was noted by League of Legends insider and interviewer Travis Gafford during the April 20 episode of Hotline League, where he interviewed Cloud9’s Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dincer about their recent LCS split victory. 

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“Alright, so, I’m going to drop a rumor here, which should come as no surprise to anybody, but the rumor – I’m fairly confident – is that there is no MSI,” Gafford said, before moving on and asking the Cloud9 mid laner what the season might be like for his squad seeing as they won’t be able to play at MSI and compete against the top international teams.

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The dominant LCS winners aren’t the only team who have already secured their ticket to MSI – G2 took down Fnatic in the LEC finals, meaning that they would be making their return to defend the crown.

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However, that doesn’t appear to be happening. Riot Games haven’t yet officially announced MSI’s cancellation, only a delay, but the writing appears to be on the wall for it not going ahead. We’ll just have to keep an eye out for official confirmation one way or the other.