League of Legends fan compiles over a dozen of the best fan concepts for new Shaco skins

. 4 years ago
Riot Games

League of Legends frequently supplies their more popular champions with conceptually unique to downright cool alternative designs to be used in-game, but fans of lesser celebrated characters often feel left out and ignored causing them to take matters into their own hands.

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Riot Games habitually releases skins for their champions and while newer, edgier characters enjoy a steady stream of awesome skins, fans of the overlooked Demon Jester have to rally in hopes of appealing to the right people.

In a post, Reddit user Shenxzq had a plea for Riot Games to finally give Shaco a new look after years of negligence, while showing off more than a dozen community-created designs that would fit into already established lines of skins.

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The Pirate form of Shaco.

Shaco has not received a new skin since Wild Card Shaco released in May of 2015, and some players suggest that its due for another makeover.

The concepts are fantastic, each showing the darker and sometimes disturbing elements that killer clowns are pegged to have.

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Although called “Festival Shaco,” it looks like the artist had intended for a Day of the Dead rendition for the clown.

Notable entries are found in the Blood Moon Shaco which makes complete sense both stylistically to the character and for the assassin line of skins, as well as Haunting Shaco that disturbs to the bitter core which is fitting for an insane clown.

Shaco-mains would be delighted to see any of these iterations be introduced to the game, not only for the skins’ appeal but because the small corner of the community has been starved for content.

Full links to the concept art can be found below.

Soul Reaver




Blood Moon




Day of the Dead





Death Blossom

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