League of Legends devs tease surprise Quinn rework ten years after release

Heartseeker Quinn from League of Legends.Riot Games

Riot Games are considering a surprise Quinn rework, despite the popular League of Legends champion actually losing last season’s VGU poll ⁠— and Demacia’s Wings could be getting her facelift as soon as Season 12 too.

Quinn ⁠and her azurite eagle Valor ⁠first debuted in League of Legends nearly a decade ago, back in 2013, and, outside a sweeping gameplay update midway through 2015, has remained largely unchanged since.

The ranged champ, who regularly sees play in the top lane, has flitted in and out of the game’s champion meta over the years, and only truly claiming a top spot for a time in Season 8. In her nine years on Summoner’s Rift, she’s never quite found her place in the hierarchy, and Riot Games want that to change.

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To do that, they’re plotting a major Quinn update.

According to LoL’s lead producer Ryan Mireles, there “is definitely interest internally for a Quinn rework,” though when exactly that might be remains to be seen.

Quinn LoLRiot Games
Quinn has been earmarked for a League rework sooner rather than later.

The closest Quinn has come to any kind of rework since her Season 5 gameplay changes was just recently, when she was included as a “wildcard pick” in the player-driven VGU voting that Udyr eventually swept by a distance.

“I always throw a wild card on those lists to gauge community interest,” Mireles admitted early in Season 12, “and a lot of people have been asking about a Quinn VGU so I threw it on to see how many votes she’d get.”

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Demacia’s Wings didn’t score that many, considering she was dropped from the next poll a year later, but Riot are still interested in a rework.

The top laner won’t be prioritized, Mireles explained ⁠— that falls to Udyr and whoever wins the next poll ⁠— but she will get some love late in Season 12.

Phoenix Quinn from League of Legends.Riot Games
How Riot Games plans to change Quinn has not yet been confirmed.

Quinn was most recently nerfed at the end of last season, in LoL patch 11.21, with her Heightened Senses ability now only dishing out 20-60% bonus attack speed, down from her original 20-80% pre-change.

Before that, she only received one major change ⁠— a Blinding Assault buff ⁠— between the end of Season 8 and the start of Season 11. In her preferred role in top lane, Quinn boasts a respectable 50.94% win rate, but that comes from a relatively minor 1.19% play rate in the solo role.

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The nine-year-old LoL champ was played just over a dozen times in pro play last year, mostly in Korea, and has not yet been picked in any of 2022’s events.