League of Legends devs detail why they don’t add new game modes

. 2 years ago
Riot Games

Riot Games developers have revealed why there has not been many alternative game modes, such as Odyssey: Extraction, added to League of Legends during its recent in-game events.

The core gameplay that Summoner’s Rift provides has attracted many players to League of Legends, however, Riot has previously added alternative modes with some of their events to keep players entertained.

While certain limited-time modes like ARURF have remained popular over the years, Riot revealed why they’ve been slow to any new alternative modes to the MOBA, during their latest Ask Riot blog post on May 21.

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Riot Games
League of Legends fans have been calling for alternative modes such as Odyssey: Extraction

One of the major questions that they had received was around the lack of new game modes such as Odyssey: Extraction or Star Guardian: Invasion, which provides players with a completely different experience to the base gameplay.

The League of Legends devs explained that their approach to these unique modes has changed over time and that some of the modes they added would not hold a consistent player base after the first few weeks.

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“Modes like this put a really unique twist on League’s core gameplay, but they didn’t hold your attention for long,” they admitted, “players were excited to try the modes but would quickly return to Summoner’s Rift after the novelty wore off.

Riot Games
Riot released a look at the total hours played on some of the game modes.

The post also explained that creating new modes that feature PvE elements such as Extraction can take a while to balance correctly and make it enjoyable enough for players to replay.

“Ultimately, we want to make sure that the amount of time we spend in development is worth the amount of time y’all get enjoying it,” they revealed.

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Riot later admitted that they were aware of some concerns fans had around the quality of recent in-game events and that they were also working on ways to address them, with some changes already planned for later in the year, “We’re still working on other improvements to things like the Event Pass system and mission variety. We hope to slowly make positive changes throughout the course of 2020.”

For now, League of Legends fans will seemingly have to wait a little while longer before seeing any new modes in-games, although with the ongoing Pulsefire 2020 event, the popular ARURF LTM will still be available until June 15.

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