Stunning League of Legends cosplay shines the spotlight on K/DA Ahri

Riot Games / BulmaBunnie Instagram

One of League of Legends most popular collection of skins has to be the K/DA line, and one cosplayer used her talents to create an insane look for the most fashionable member Ahri.

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Riot Games released the K/DA line during the height of the Worlds 2019 Championship hype, which featured Ahri, Evelynn, Akali and Kai’Sa as a K-Pop group complete with a mega popular music video.

The release of K/DA had a lasting impact on the League of Legends community with tons of fans showing their love for the characters with immaculate cosplays.

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One such fan is cosplayer ‘BulmaBunnie’ who put together one of the most complete designs for the Nine-Tailed Fox in her K/DA outfit that looks ready for the stage.

BulmaBunnie spared no expense in making her full K/DA outfit as seen with the many intricate details she has from head to toe including Ahri’s fox ears with the left one being adorned by a heart-shaped earring.

Furthermore, the cosplayer looks to have studied Ahri’s outfit in the music video to the tee as seen with the perfect recreation of all the gold trimmings and patterns show throughout the K/DA member’s outfit.

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BulmaBunnie TwitterThere have been terrific K/DA designs in the past, but BlumaBunnie’s is a real stunner.
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But the real highlights in the cosplay which set it apart from many others are the majestic sparkling tails made with iridescent crinkle organza fabric that gives the the whole rendition a unique flare.

Even though the cosplayer admitted that her makeup in the shots was a rush job, fans of the outfit couldn’t tell since it all came together for to be one of the better K/DA designs to date.

BulmaBunnie TwitterBulmaBunnie showed off some amazing craftsmanship with her Ahri cosplay.

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K/DA cosplays span from intricate to hilarious

The K/DA fandom has swept millions of people of their feet, leading to increasingly impressive cosplays of the pop sensations.

While there have been numerous iterations of K/DA members throughout gaming, cosplayers have been making their mark with insane photoshoots showing off various members of the group.

LCS personalities haven’t been able to veer away from the fandom, and even world-famous League of Legends pro teams have had their time in the spotlight as K/DA members.

Riot Games know they have an immensely popular line of skins on their hands, and if they ever release follow-up additions to the collection hopefully that’ll mean more amazing designs like BulmaBunnie’s cosplay.

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