League players concerned after seeing new “pay-to-lose” Tryndamere skin

Lawrence Scotti. Last updated: Sep 10, 2021
Riot Games

Tryndamere’s upcoming Nightbringer skin was finally revealed in full but League of Legends players immediately saw a glaring disadvantage that’s “pay-to-lose.”

League of Legends is getting a new batch of content throughout the Dawnbringer & Nightbringer event with champions like Morgana, Yone, Lillia, Tryndamere, Vex, and Kayn set for fresh designs.

While Tryndamere fans were excited for the new look, they were concerned to see it packaged with a visual effect that should make him way easier to fight.

Riot Games
Tryndamere is known as the Barbarian King.

Nightbringer Tryndamere drama

League of Legends players have dubbed the Nightbringer Tryndamere skin as “pay-to-lose,” since it clearly indicates the amount of time he’s unkillable during his ultimate, Undying Rage.

Tryndamere’s ultimate is typically visually indicated with him glowing red and a special sound effect of him screaming.

But now with an even clearer sight of how long it lasts, players will have an easier time playing around the amount of time he is invulnerable to dying.

LoL players were curious if this new change could indicate a visual update for all of Tryndamere’s skins or if the timer was going to be limited to the Nightbringer design.

For now, some Tryndamere players are thinking about avoiding the upcoming skin release since it could affect how opponents play against them.

It remains to be seen if Riot will change course after the League community’s initial reaction, and we’ll update this story as more details come out.