League of Legends ‘Cats vs Dogs’ trailer unveils crazy new skins

Riot Games

Riot Games have released a new trailer for the next batch of skins set to be released for League of Legends, and it’s sure to spark up debate among fans as it revealed some of the craziest skins to grace the game yet.

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League of Legends fans are already excited for the April Fool’s Day event, which sees the return of the “VS events” that have proved popular with players of the MOBA in the past.

Riot Games officially unveiled the theme for the third VS event on Wednesday, March 27 with the release of a brand new Cats vs Dogs trailer shared on both Twitter and YouTube.

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VS Event

Unlike previous VS events, League of Legends fans will have five new skins to choose from, instead of the two that were previously released. Riot have made sure to release a number of skins for both cat lovers and those who prefer dogs, meaning all sides are covered.

For the feline friendly, Yorick and Rengar both receive brand new skins, appearing in cat-themed onesies to show their appreciation of their four-legged friends.

Fizz and Corki are recipients of canine costumes, with Corki riding into battle on top of a Corgi with airplane wings attached to either side, while Fizz will turn into a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Fuzz Fizz will also receive a prestige edition in this event

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Yorick will be getting a fashionable update with his ‘Meowrick’ skin at 1350 RP. The skin will have the Shepherd of Souls tucked into a pink fur sleeveless getup accompanied by his newfound armie of kitten warriors.

Rengar is going doubling down on his feline heritage with the Pretty Kitty skin at 1350 RP. Although the skin is mostly just Rengar with a pink balde and purple pajamas, people will most certainly buy it for the new Recall animation that shows off the Pridestalker cuddling into a bax a third his size before shipping off to the Fountain.

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Fizz’s complete makeover will set players back 1350 RP but will reward them a recall animation shows him using his ears to propel him back to safety in his base. The skin transforms his Chum the Waters ult which now shows him throwing a tennis ball for a crazed Husky to appear to retrieve it.

As mentioned, Corki’s new ride is an airborne Corgi with matching leather flying helmets. Instead of missiles, the 1350 RP skin has Corgi bringing a payload of dog treats that leave behind a trail of pawprints upon activation.

The Cats vs Dog event is scheduled to kick off on Monday, April 1, so League of Legends fans don’t have long to wait.

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There is no official release dates for any of the skins, but it’s likely they will go live during the 9.6 update cycle.