League of Legends 2023 rostermania: LEC & LCS rosters and rumors

LCS LEC offseason roster tracker 2023Michal Konkol/Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

With the 2022 League of Legends World Championship looming, we’re already starting to see some offseason shuffling from teams in the LEC and LCS. Here’s our guide to all offseason roster moves for Western League of Legends.

The regular season for the LEC and LCS has come to a close. Each region has chosen their representatives for the 2022 World Championship — and for those teams left behind, it’s that time of year to start making roster moves.

  • Cloud9, EG and Golden Guardians announce full 2023 rosters
  • Upset and Flakked left teamless for Spring 2023
  • Doublelift and Bjergsen linked with 100 Thieves

The free agency period for the Western leagues should kick off sometime in mid-November, and that’s when we’ll see the majority of big changes coming through. But even now, players are starting to explore their options for the upcoming season.

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Our tracker features the current rosters in LCS and LEC and an updated timeline of events where you will also be able to find the latest rumors from both regions. We’ll keep updating this article as more information becomes available.

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All LCS/LEC rosters

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

TeamTopJungleMidAD CarrySupport
100 ThievesTenacity *Closer Bjergsen *Doublelift *Busio *
Cloud9FudgeBlaber DiplexBerserkerZven
Dignitas Armut *Santorin *Jensen *SpawnigNar *
Evil GeniusesSsumday InspiredJojopyunFBIVulcan
FlyQuestImpact *Spica *VicLa *Prince *Eyla *
Golden Guardians LicoriceRiverGoriStixxayhuhi
Immortals RevengeKenviAblazeolive Tactical *N/A
Team LiquidSummitPyosikHaeriYeonCoreJJ
TSM SoloBugi MapleNeo Chime

League of Legends European Championship (LEC)

TeamTopJungleMidAD CarrySupport
EXCELOdoamne *Xerxe *Vetheo *PatrikTargamas *
FnaticWunderRazorkHumanoidRekkles *Rhuckz *
G2 EsportsBrokenBladeYike *caPsHans Sama *Mikyx *
MAD LionsChasyElyoyaNisqyCarzzyHylissang
KOISzygenda *MalrangLarssenCompTrymbi
SK GamingIrrelevant *GiliusSertussExakick *Doss *
Team BDSAdam *Sheo *NUCLEARINTCrownie *Labrov *
HereticsEvi *Jankos *Ruby *JackspektraHersa *
VitalityPhoton *BoPerkzNeon *Kaiser *

Note: The asterisk next to a player indicates a potential transfer that has been reported on but has not been officially confirmed.

Offseason LoL roster changes and rumors tracker

December 3:

December 2:

  • Team Liquid have confirmed their full roster for the 2023 season, adding top laner Summit and jungler Pyosik (who won Worlds with DRX). Reignover has been brought in from MAD Lions as an assistant coach.
  • Bwipo has confirmed that he will be doing content creation for Team Liquid in the spring split and that he is looking to return to action in the summer.

December 1:

  • Fnatic have confirmed the departure of head coach YamatoCannon, who had been with the organization since the end of 2020. According to reports, he will be replaced by academy coach Gonçalo ‘Crusher’ Brandão.
  • Astralis have confirmed their LEC roster for the 2023 season, with two new faces in top laner Finn and jungler 113. Meanwhile, coach vandett0 has been promoted from the academy team.

November 30:

  • Chinese jungler 113, who has been linked with LEC side Astralis, has departed Karmine Corp, the French organization has announced.
  • Team Liquid have reached a verbal agreement with Korean jungler Pyosik, who was part of DRX’s Worlds-winning roster, Blix.gg reports.
  • CLG have announced that their entire roster has re-signed with the organization for 2023.

November 29:

  • Team Liquid have announced that mid laner Haeri and AD Carry Leon have been promoted from the academy team. With Summit expected to man the top lane, this leaves the jungler role as the only vacant position on the team.
  • TSM have confirmed their roster of Solo, Bugi, Maple, Neo, and Chime. Solo, Maple, and Chime return from the 2022 roster while Bugi joins from Estral Esports and Neo comes from Dignitas.

November 28:

  • Nukeduck has joined 100 Thieves as an assistant coach, the North American organization has announced. Throughout his playing career, the Norwegian represented teams like NIP, Vitality, Origen, and EXCEL.
  • 100 Thieves have announced that former MAD Lions coach Kaas will take charge of their LCS team as head coach.
  • Immortals have confirmed the signing of Canadian mid laner Ablazeolive, who joins from Golden Guardians.
  • T1 star Faker, who was linked with Team Liquid and FlyQuest, has extended his contract through the 2025 season.

November 27:

  • Team Liquid top laner Bwipo has announced that he will be taking the Spring split off as he will evaluate his options. He will still be creating content for Team Liquid.

November 25:

  • FlyQuest jungler Josedeodo has returned to the LLA to play for Estral Esports.
  • Cloud9 have announced that strategic coach Veigarv2 will transition to an assistant coach role. Meanwhile, positional coach Selfie has been moved to the main team.
  • On Twitter, MAD Lions have confirmed the signing of Bulgarian support Hylissang, who will play alongside Carzzy in the bot lane.
  • Fnatic have bid farewell to Hylissang, ending a five-year association with the Bulgarian support, who joined the team in 2017 from Unicorns of Love. He has been linked with MAD Lions.

November 24:

  • Team Liquid have confirmed the departure of Danish jungler Santorin, who is expected to stay in the LCS as reports have linked him with Dignitas.
  • Cloud9 have confirmed the signing of Diplex as the new mid laner and the appointment of mithy as head coach.
  • MAD Lions have confirmed the signing of Carzzy, who returns to the organization after one year with Vitality.
  • Vitality have formally parted ways with Carzzy, Alphari, Haru and Labrov. Carzzy has been linked with a return to MAD Lions, while Labrov is expected to join Team BDS. Alphari recently announced that he will take some time off.
  • MAD Lions have confirmed the signing of Korean top laner Chasy, who joins from X7 Esports.
  • South Korean top laner Summit is no longer with FunPlus Phoenix, the Chinese organization has announced. He has been linked with a return to the LCS with Team Liquid.
  • Evil Geniuses have confirmed the double signing of Ssumday and FBI from 100 Thieves.

November 23:

  • Evil Geniuses’ CEO says Danny won’t start for LCS team, but is still with the organization.
  • Cloud9 have released Jensen.
  • Golden Guardians have announced its full roster for 2023 season.
  • MAD Lions have confirmed the departure of AD Carry UNF0RGIVEN, who had been with the organization since the end of 2021. The Swedish player recently said that he will not be playing in the LEC next year.
  • Cloud9 will name mithy the head coach of their LCS team for 2023, founder and CEO Jack Etienne said at an exclusive event for STRATUS members, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger.

November 22:

  • Astralis have parted ways with Vizicsacsi and Xerxe, as well as with assistant coach Hansen and analyst Arailla.
  • On Twitter, 100 Thieves have confirmed the departures of Ssumday, Abbedagge, and FBI.
  • Golden Guardians have confirmed huhi as its starting support.
  • MAD Lions have also parted ways with support Kaiser, who is expected to join Team Vitality.
  • MAD Lions have confirmed the departure of top laner Armut, who has been linked with a move to LCS team Dignitas.
  • Top laner Summit has reached a verbal agreement with Team Liquid, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. This marks a return to the LCS for the former Cloud9 player, who played for LPL side FunPlus Phoenix in the summer split.
  • South Korean top laner Ssumday is all set to join Evil Geniuses, ending a five-year tenure with 100 Thieves, Blix.gg has reported.

November 21:

  • Chinese jungler Spica has reached a verbal agreement with FlyQuest, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. The 20-year-old was last seen playing for TSM.
  • South Korean top laner Impact is poised to join FlyQuest, Blix.gg reports, adding that Team Liquid were also interested in the former SK T1 player.

November 19:

November 18:

November 15:

  • G2 benched jungler Jankos has reached an agreement with Team Heretics for the 2023 season, Blix.gg reports.
  • Golden Guardians will bring back veteran support huhi, who spent the last two years playing for 100 Thieves, The Game Haus has reported.

November 14:

  • MAD Lions top laner Armut will continue his career in North America, having reached an agreement with Dignitas, Jaxon reports.

November 11:

  • Vitality top laner has announced that he will be taking “at least a split off” to reflect on what went wrong during a disappointing year.
  • JungleJuice has been appointed as 100 Thieves’ new League of Legends General Manager.
  • Team Liquid have confirmed the departure of mid laner Bjergsen. The Danish player leaves the organization after just one year.
  • DetonatioN FocusMe top laner has reached a verbal agreement to join Team Heretics, Blix.gg reports. The Japanese player has attended five World Championships and four Mid-Season Invitationals in his career.

November 10:

  • Turkish jungler 113 has reached a verbal agreement with Astralis, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. He has played for SuperMassive Academy, Vodafone Giants and Karmine Corp in his career.
  • FlyQuest have confirmed PapaSmithy as the organization’s new president and Chief Gaming Officer.

November 9:

  • Swedish player UNF0RGIVEN has announced that he will not be playing in the LEC in the Spring split. He spent the 2022 season with MAD Lions, attending Worlds and making the 1st All-Pro Team in the Summer split.
  • Tenacity will join Evil Geniuses as the team’s starting top laner, according to The Game Haus.
  • Fnatic will promote academy coach Crusher to the main team, replacing YamatoCannon, whose future is now unclear, Blix.gg reports.
  • FlyQuest mid laner Toucouille will return to France to play in LFL for Team GO, Blix.gg reporter Alejandro Gomis has revealed.
  • British top laner Alphari has reached an agreement team Team Vitality to terminate his contract, Blix.gg reports. The former Team Liquid player will reportedly take some time off and return to action in the Summer split.
  • Korean top laner Chasy will join MAD Lions to replace Armut, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. Formerly of DAMWON Gaming, he played for X7 Esports in 2022 in the NLC.
  • Fnatic support Hylissang has reached a verbal agreement with MAD Lions, Blix.gg reports. The Bulgarian player will partner Carzzy in the bot lane.
  • LDLC OL support Doss will join SK Gaming for the 2023 season, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. This marks a return to the LEC for the Danish player, who competed in the league under Misfits in 2019 and 2020.

November 8:

  • After a year in the LFL, Slovenian AD Carry Crownie has been promoted to Team BDS’s LEC squad, Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger has reported.
  • Upset and Flakked have announced that they will miss the start of the 2023 season after failing to find teams.
  • Blix.gg reporter Alejandro Gomis says that Misfits AD Carry Neon has reached a verbal agreement with Team Vitality to replace Carzzy, who has been linked with a move back to MAD Lions.
  • Rekkles will return to Fnatic as their AD Carry for 2023, Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger has revealed. The Swedish player, who represented Fnatic for six years across two spells between 2013 and 2020, spent the last year in the LFL competing for Karmine Corp.
  • Doublelift, Bjergsen and Spica could be part of 100 Thieves’ roster for 2023, according to Travis Gafford, who adds that Ssumday and 100 Thieves academy player Busio could be the top laner and support for the team.

November 7:

November 6:

  • Team Liquid support CoreJJ has agreed to a new contract with the North American organization, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger.
  • Elyoya will stay with MAD Lions for 2023, Jaxon has reported. Previously, it was reported that MAD Lions had rejected a mega offer from G2 Esports for the Spanish jungler.

November 5:

November 4:

  • EXCEL have reached a verbal agreement with jungler Xerxe, who played for Astralis in the summer split, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. If confirmed, he will reunite with his compatriot and former Splyce teammate Odoamne.

November 3:

  • SK Gaming top laner JNX has announced that he will not be part of any LEC or LCS team in Spring 2023.
  • Fnatic will promote academy player Rhuckz to the main team, Blix.gg reports. The Portuguese support, who played two matches for Fnatic at Worlds, will replace Hylissang.
  • Rogue top laner Odoamne is close to joining EXCEL, according to Blix.gg. KOI, who will enter the LEC in 2023 through a partnership with Rogue, have been linked with Vitality.Bee’s Szygenda.
  • Cloud9 have reached agreements with mid laner duo Diplex (Vitality.Bee) and EMENES (JD-XL) for 2023, Blix.gg reports. Diplex is expected to play for the main team and EMENES for the academy squad, but the situation could change in the future.

November 2:

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  • Vitality AD Carry Carzzy is in talks with MAD Lions about a potential return to the team, Jaxon reports.
  • Team Heretics have reached a verbal agreement with mid laner Ruby, Blix.gg reports. The South Korean player represented Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition, UOL’s academy team, in the 2022 season after playing for teams like Rogue Warriors and BOOM Esports earlier in his career.
  • G2 Esports will bring back support Mikyx, who will replace Targamas in the support role, according to Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger. The Slovenian player spent the 2022 season playing for EXCEL after being benched by G2 at the end of 2021.

November 1:

October 31:

October 30:

  • Immortals head coach Nightshare has announced that he will not continue with the organization for next year and that he is open to offers in the LCS and LEC, mainly as an assistant coach.

October 29:

  • Misfits support Mersa has reached an agreement with Team Heretics, where he will partner Jackspektra in the bot lane, Blix.gg reports.

October 28:

  • KOI are looking to move on from Odoamne and sign Vitality.Bee’s Szygenda for the top lane, Blix.gg reports.

October 27:

October 26:

  • After parting ways with Head of Coaching Staff Peter Dun, Evil Geniuses have dispensed with the services of head coach Rigby, assistant coach Turtle, and performance coach Artemis.
  • Team Heretics are close to hiring Peter Dun as their new head coach, according to Blix.gg. He recently left Evil Geniuses after two years with the North American organization.
  • Danish AD Carry Kobbe has reached an agreement with Astralis for 2023, Blix.gg reports.
  • Golden Guardians have promoted assistant coach Spookz to a head coaching role.

October 23:

  • Golden Guardians have parted ways with Korean support Olleh, who had returned to the organization in November 2021 for a third stint.

October 22:

  • Polish jungler Jankos confirmed that he has been allowed by G2 to explore his options for 2023. This will end a five-year association between the player and the organization.

October 19:

  • Misfits Gaming top laner Irrelevant has reached a verbal agreement to join SK Gaming, Blix.gg reports. The German player was promoted to Misfits’ main team in the Summer split after shining for the organization’s academy team in the LFL.
  • Flakked and Jankos will not be part of G2 Esports’ roster for 2023, according to LEC Wooloo, with both players allowed to explore their options in the off-season.
  • Team BDS Academy player Adam has reached “a verbal agreement” to be promoted to the main team in 2023, Blix.gg reports. The French top laner played for Team BDS in the LEC in the Spring split before being moved to the academy squad.

October 11

  • Tactical: TSM FTX → F/A

September 26

September 19

September 6

  • Spica:  TSM → F/A