League of Legends 2023 patch schedule: All LoL updates & changes coming in Season 13

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League of Legends Season 13 is now underway across 2023, which brings a whole bunch of new champions, reworks, champion nerfs and buffs, and more. Here are the dates and patch notes for every update in Season 13.

The 13th season of League of Legends has begun and with it comes a whole bunch of changes to the items and champions of Summoner’s Rift.

Riot is constantly updating League of Legends, be it with new champions or reworks, brand-new items, or even general buffs and nerfs to keep the meta shifting.

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Once again, Riot is planning on updating League every fortnight, with 24 major patches planned for Season 13. These patches will likely hit the PBE earlier, so we’ll have some information about what’s changing.

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The PBE is constantly being updated with new skins and updates.

League of Legends Season 13 patch dates

Here are all the Patch dates for League of Legends Season 13 across 2023:

Remember that these patch dates aren’t necessarily set in stone, with patches potentially being delayed similarly to patch 13.1B/ 13.2 with the recent cyber attacks at Riot.

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When do League of Legends patches go live?

There’s no fixed time schedule for when patches do hit the live servers for League of Legends, but generally speaking, Riot tends to put the servers down for maintenance at a similar time every fortnight.

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Maintenance for North American servers generally starts at 3AM PT, with a 5AM maintenance time for EUW, and 3AM for EUNE.

OCE is typically the first region to receive the update due to time zones.

Downtime is usually around 3 hours, from there, players are able to download the patch and head right back into the Summoner’s Rift.