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League community wants timer indicators for certain champion ultimates

Published: 9/Jan/2022 20:03

by André González Rodríguez


The League of Legends community is calling for Riot to implement timer indicators for certain champions’ ultimates, allowing for an easier way to track their duration.

True to its name, ultimate abilities are key in any match on the Summoner’s Rift. As one of, if not the only ability on any champions kit that can change the tide of any given team fight, they are some of the most powerful tools a player can have.

League contains several types of ultimates. There are ones that are considered global ultimates, ala Twisted Fate’s Destiny which reveals enemy players anywhere on the map while allowing the user to teleport to a specific location, or Galio’s Hero’s Entrance which lets him jump on a teammate from a great distance away, giving them damage reduction. There are also ults that can influence the entire enemy team with CCs. These spells come in varying forms.


But one type of ultimate that is some of the most powerful and yet very individualistic in nature is the one that tends to power up the character. There are some that give the champion a boost of sorts, be it a damage boost, a stat increase, or even more defense all in a set duration.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Twisted Fate, like other champions, has the ability to turn the tides of matches with just his ultimate.

This type, although a favorite in some players’ eyes, has brought issues and the League community wants it addressed.

League community wants timer indicators for set duration ultimates

In a post on the official League of Legends subreddit, a Redditor by the name of jtpredator suggested that certain ultimates should have an indicator that notifies players of the duration of the ability.


Jtpredator used Tryndamere as the main example stating, “Tryndamere along with champions that don’t have a clear indicator of their key skill durations should have a circle timer that shows its duration.”

Tryndamere’s Ultimate (and other ultimates with a set duration) should have a timer circle that shows everyone its duration. from leagueoflegends

They further elaborated by stating champions such as “Alistar, Jax, Renekton,” and others as similar examples to further showcase that the game could use some sort of indicator since there are many champions that follow suit.

In the end, the Redditor brought to light that Riot has done it before with champions such as Katarina and Morgana “showing a circle” and Nasus Veigar “stacks showing beneath their champion details,” and that a similar idea could be applied to their previously mentioned champions.


This idea was echoed by others on the post, with one stating that “Nightbringer Tryndamere had this when it was released in the PBE, but Riot ended up removing it.” While another Redditor mentioned how “hiding mechanics or information isn’t a good design.”

Asks like these from the League community although small, could be possibly hugely influential to the game. Only time will tell with Riot will respond to them.