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LCS Summer 2021 power rankings after Week 7

Published: 22/Jul/2021 9:10 Updated: 22/Jul/2021 9:28

by Andrew Amos


LCS’ return for Summer 2021 proved to be full of surprises and shake-ups. However, how have teams settled in after the mid-season break? Check out our power rankings after LCS Summer 2021 Week 7 below.

In 2021, Dexerto is proud to present power rankings for League of Legends in the LCS. We will be tracking the performance of all the teams right here, considering their form, how they’ve performed with their strength of schedule, and more.

With the road to Worlds 2021 halfway crossed, NA’s best are looking to show their good sides to save themselves from another disappointing international campaign.

Summer is where the magic happens, so who’s sitting in the hot seat? We’ve got all the details right here, looking at the field after Week 7.


10. Counter Logic Gaming (=)

Damonte isn’t saving CLG

Damonte CLG LCS Summer 2021
Oshin Tudayan for Riot Games
Damonte is far from being CLG’s saving grace.

While Damonte feels a burden to try and lift CLG up to playoffs, the reality is that their hopes are all but dashed.

Finn and Broxah are pretty much leading a two-man show right now, but they look utterly defeated on the rift. Lord knows where the Smoothie of old has been. There needs to be some serious look at management over at MSG, because the last two weeks have been a farce.

9. Dignitas (-1)

Settling in at the bottom end

Akaadian Dignitas LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
Dignitas aren’t bad. It’s just the rest of the LCS has caught up.

In Spring, the headlines were about Dignitas making it to Worlds and being NA’s hope. Those are long gone now. While they nailed a good win against 100 Thieves last week, two losses to Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses really tell you all there is to this current Dignitas roster.


Akaadian has just not had enough time to get ready for regular split, but with playoffs locked in, eyes will be on a deep run back.

8. Golden Guardians (+1)

Ablolive is so swole

Ablazeolive playing for Golden Guardians Academy in LCS 2020
Riot Games
Ablazeolive has been an absolute standout in LCS this year.

I fear what Golden Guardians would look like this year without Ablazeolive. Honestly, it’d be a travesty if he didn’t win Rookie of the Year at this point. Sure, you could argue a couple of different players, but none have had the same impact as Ablazeolive.

Golden Guardians look somewhat competitive when he’s firing, and if there was ever a player to build a franchise around, GGS have found them. Playoffs isn’t off the cards yet (Licorice has had much to say about that), and if any man gets them there, it’ll be Ablolive ⁠— I mean, he’s basically solo carried in all their Summer wins.


7. FlyQuest (=)

At least they’re giving the rookies a chance

Tomo FlyQuest LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
Tomo looked decent in his LCS debut for FlyQuest. Let’s hope he gets more starts.

FlyQuest’s Academy roster has been a total reversal on their main roster, and while they faced adversity in Week 7 with two losses putting an end to the honeymoon phase, this is a roster that is LCS ready.

Tomo is looking like an ADC that can be built around for the years to come, while Triple’s LeBlanc is one of the most feared picks in the LCS now for a reason. While they’re not locked for playoffs yet, if they make it in, they could cause some serious damage.


6. Immortals (=)

The definition of middle-pack

Xerxe Immortals LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
Immortals look decent, mostly thanks to Xerxe running circles around everyone.

If you were to list every team in the LCS right now, you’d probably forget about Immortals until last. That’s not inherently bad ⁠— the team has been a serviceable middle-pack squad, and have really elevated their play since Spring to earn their rightful spot in the top 6. However, the clearance between their heads and the ceiling is getting narrower.

Insanity has finally broken his slump, and Revenge is still being a consistent workhorse, so the solo laners are back to near their peak. If they can get that down, with Xerxe running circles around most of the other junglers in the LCS, they can still threaten the top dogs.


5. Team Liquid (=)

Armao’s champion pool hinders Liquid

Armao Liquid LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
Armao’s champion pool has been the butt of Twitter beef — and Liquid’s drafts.

If you had little hope for Liquid after they lost Jatt and Santorin in the same week, forcing Armao to once again step up to the plate, then at least they’ve somewhat stabilized their season.

However, with Jensen himself admitting that Liquid is a long way off being a true Worlds contender, fingers are going to start being pointed if they miss out. Armao is the easy pickings — his champion pool has been blasted as of late — but the team, especially bot lane, needs to lift.

4. Cloud9 (=)

Fudge is the main carry, not Blaber

Fudge smiles taking off Cloud9 headset on LCS 2021 Summer stage.
Riot Games
It’s time to focus on Cloud9’s real carry: Fudge.

It’s overrated to constantly say Blaber is the best part of Cloud9 right now. Let’s be real, he’s been inconsistent in 2021, and isn’t the MVP contender he once was in Summer.

That honor goes to Fudge, who has been the backbone of this squad — and the reason why they’re still in touching distance of Worlds. Yes, we need to bring that up because it was looking dicey for a bit, but if the young Oceanic top can keep steadfast, the rest of the team just seemingly clicks into place.

3. Evil Geniuses (=)

You can’t say they’re boring

Contractz Evil Geniuses LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
What a fairy tale comeback for Contractz.

Evil Geniuses are continuing to bring the fight to the LCS, and there’s now a method to the madness. They dropped their eight game win streak to Golden Guardians, but picked up the slack right away with two dominant wins over FlyQuest and Golden Guaridans.

If they can overcome their stage fright ⁠— something Impact opened up to Dexerto’s Isaac McIntyre about ⁠— their grit will lead them to great places. With the top 4 sloshing around, Evil Geniuses have a real chance to sneak away that third Worlds slot.

2. TSM (=)

Struggling for consistency, but still strong

PowerOfEvil TSM LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
PowerOfEvil is standing strong on TSM. He might not have fully filled Bjergsen’s shoes, but it’s a good sign.

Being CLG’s most recent scalp is hardly a record you want to hold in the LCS, but TSM have otherwise looked like a consistent top 2 contender int he region.

They do struggle against teams that match their early-game tempo — or just ignore it and play for late — but for the most part, they’re a very well-rounded squad that can play from all sides of the map. Eyes will surely be moving towards Worlds, where they’ll be hoping to avoid another 0-6.

1. 100 Thieves (=)

A few bumps, but still favorites

FBI 100 Thieves LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
Honestly, what can’t FBI do at this point?

Can anyone stop 100 Thieves? They’ve had a few bumps recently, but they are the odds-on favorites for the title.

Their ability to play flexibly across the Rift has elevated them to new heights. One game is Abbedagge carrying, then it’s FBI ⁠— and wait, Victor is playing Lee Sin bot lane? 100 Thieves are dynamic, and if anything, that’s testament to Reapered’s renowned coaching style. If they keep it up, maybe NA will have a hope at Worlds (but let’s not get too excited yet).

LCS Summer 2021 returns for Week 8 on July 24.