LCS 2022 power rankings leading into Spring Week 5

Tina Jo for Riot Games

With Lock In behind us, the LCS 2022 season is heating up with the Spring Split. With the nerves having settled in for the rookies and chemistry starting to build, here’s how each LCS team stacks up heading into Week 5.

In 2022, Dexerto is proud to present power rankings for League of Legends in the LCS. We will be tracking the performance of all the teams right here, considering their form, how they’ve performed with their strength of schedule, and more every week.

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After yet another disappointing World Championship campaign, NA teams have splashed the cash on plenty of imports. However, some have opted to look closer to home to rebuild their sides for the year.

Without further ado, here’s the LCS 2022 power rankings ahead of Spring Week 5.

10. TSM

Maybe Shenyi wasn’t the problem…

Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
There’s not enough words in the world to explain the situation TSM is in.

With the news coming out this week about TSM spending $5 million this offseason to rebuild for the next three years, maybe Regi did really sell his house, car, and clothes on this failed rebuild. After one round robin, where TSM finds themselves in last, it’s not too early to slap that label on this team.

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Given all the context around Shenyi over the last couple of weeks too, maybe he wasn’t the biggest problem. Tactical is playing for his KDA it feels, while the rest of the team is on another page. Yursan is certainly struggling as much as Shenyi too, while Keaiduo has a depressing 1.87 KDA. Where do TSM even begin? Maybe more roster moves are the only answer.

9. CLG

Lots of room to grow

Contractz playing League of Legends for CLG in LCS 2022Tina Jo for Riot Games
Contractz is playing himself into form on CLG.

CLG have put some distance between themselves and TSM both in power rankings and on the standings. While still a young and inexperienced roster ⁠— that fact shines through very often ⁠— they’re getting their footing by focusing on their strengths on the bot side.

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The big name to highlight is Contractz. He had a rough start to the split, but is finding his own on this new CLG roster finally. Three very solid performances in Week 4 signal that, and with Luger also popping off, maybe the future is bright for this org finally. After all, they’re also first in Academy.

8. Immortals

The struggle for consistency

Revenge playing League of Legends for Immortals in LCS 2022Tina Jo for Riot Games
Revenge has quietly impressed in the last two weeks of LCS.

With or without Wildturtle, Immortals seemingly find wins out of thin air. With Arrow in the squad for the final two games of Week 4, they managed a big win against FlyQuest and a gutsy loss to Golden Guardians. Neither was really 100% the fault of the veteran AD carry who hadn’t seen the main LCS stage since 2019, although there were some nerves against GGS.

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However, Immortals’ struggle for consistency is the one thing to highlight at the end of the first round robin. Revenge is finding some form which is good, but to say their mid and late game teamfighting is calamitous might be an understatement. Shore this up, and Immortals might be a real playoffs threat.

7. Dignitas

Is the honeymoon phase over?

River flashing peace sign on LCS stage wearing Dignitas jerseyTina Jo for Riot Games
Dignitas get their wins off the back of River, or they lose.

Dignitas came into Spring Split dubbed as giant slayers and potential dark horses after their Lock In heroics. That talk has petered out a bit as they ended the first round robin with a negative record and some big losses against their direct rivals like FlyQuest and Golden Guardians.

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River is still the backbone of this team, and whenever he’s having an impact on the map the rest of Dignitas follows. However, they are lacking a spark from their solo laners specifically in trying to command a game with strong laning, and either FakeGod or Blue needs to step up.

6. Evil Geniuses

Underperforming big time

Danny made the LCS world truly take notice in Evil Geniuses' loss to 100 Thieves last week.Riot Games
Evil Geniuses have slumped hard to start 2022.

After all the hype following Lock In, Evil Geniuses have disappointed to say the least. They’ve pulled out some innovative strategies and have been very aggressive early in the game, but it has led to some big coinflips.

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We got a spark of the Evil Geniuses we saw in Lock In in Week 4 against FlyQuest and Golden Guardians, and then they faltered against CLG. It’s going to take another week of good, consistent performances to see them climb back up the rankings though.

5. FlyQuest

Snap back to reality

FlyQuest celebrating on stage after LCS winTina Jo for Riot Games
FlyQuest are on the down trend, but they’re still a threat to the LCS’ best.

FlyQuest is starting to fizzle out in the LCS. It was always going to be a matter of when, not if, their LCS lead slipped, and three losses to Evil Geniuses, Immortals, and Cloud9 in Week 4 signify that.

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Instead of focusing on the bleak side of things though, one really needs to look at the positives around this roster. Johnsun is incredible alongside Aphromoo while Toucoille is someone to keep an eye on. Their top side is still the big glaring issue though, and one that might prove to be FlyQuest’s downfall later in the year.

4. Golden Guardians

The LCS dark horse

Pridestalkr playing League of Legends for Golden Guardians in LCS 2022Tina Jo for Riot Games
Pridestalkr is one of the most exciting junglers to watch in the LCS.

We have been singing the praises of Golden Guardians since Lock In. Now it feels like the faithful are being rewarded, to steal a line from CLG. Pridestalkr is showing up big time on the big stage, and Olleh has scrubbed off the rust to be a key playmaker for this squad.

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Lost feels unshackled too, with a team really looking to build around him and give him the scope to carry. It’s working scarily well, and given Licorice and Ablazeolive are no pushovers either, Golden Guardians have made their claim for being the LCS’ true dark horse.

3. 100 Thieves

Cheap losses impact championship desires

Abbedagge tilting head while playing League of Legends for 100 Thieves in LCS 2022Tina Jo for Riot Games
100 Thieves are still good, but not as convincing as their 2021 selves.

100 Thieves have really struggled to close out games so far in 2022. They looked clinical in Lock In, but since then it’s been a bit all over the shop. Cheap losses against teams like FlyQuest and Dignitas have severely impacted their championship hopes.

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Closer doesn’t feel like he’s having the same level of impact he did last season, while teams have just been exposing FBI and huhi down bot. Beyond that though, 100 Thieves are missing their spark in this meta ⁠— and whatever has changed across the offseason has thrown them off. There’s still time, but Ssumday needs his teammates to rally around him soon.

2. Cloud9

Who needs LS?

Fudge looking up at camera LCS summer 2021 cloud9Oshin Tudayan for Riot Games
Fudge (pictured) and Summit have been the solo lane kings of the LCS.

Cries of “No LS, No Win” were echoing on Reddit, Twitter, and even on the LCS broadcast after Cloud9 faltered following the departure of their star coach Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare in Week 3. Since he left, Cloud9 have gone 4-1 with big wins against 100 Thieves and FlyQuest setting the pace.

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I had doubts about Summit, but he has found his purple patch of form once shown in 2019 to really bring the heat to the LCS. He’s a frontrunner for MVP of the split so far, and with Berserker in tow, Cloud9 is going to be a huge threat come later in the year.

1. Team Liquid

The best, and it’s not even close

corejjRiot Games
With CoreJJ back, Liquid are far and away the best team in the LCS.

The CoreJJ fiasco should hopefully be over for Team Liquid, and that’s only good news for fans. Eyla was solid ⁠— although his Week 4 performances weren’t as good as earlier ones ⁠— but with CoreJJ back in, there’s no reason why Liquid shouldn’t dominate the rest of Spring.

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Bjergsen has not looked rusty one bit, boasting the best KDA in the league at over 10. Bwipo is the weakside king, and Santorin is arguably the best jungler right now. You’d have to say they have best in role players in at least four positions (Summit vs Bwipo for top is the only debate), and their developing synergy will make them an exciting watch for the rest of the year.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 5 continues on March 5.

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