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LCS fans react to wild finish of hour long TSM-Immortals match

Published: 26/Jan/2020 23:11 Updated: 2/Nov/2020 10:29

by Scott Robertson


One of the later matches on Saturday of the LCS opening weekend went over 61 minutes long, but despite the exciting final moments between Team SoloMid and Immortals, fans were mostly relieved just to see the hour-long game finally end.

It’s rare for LCS matches to become a marathon, rather than retain their typical sprint formula. Compared to its MOBA counterpart in Dota 2, professional League of Legends matches (especially those in North America) rarely run long, and almost never eclipse the sixty minute mark.

But that was not the case on January 26, when Immortals played their second game of the new split, while Team SoloMid made their 2020 spring debut.


The hour of “action” ended suddenly when what looked like a teamfight that was about to break out, actually resulted in Immortals drawing TSM away from their nexus long enough to quickly widdle down its health and take the win.

While Immortals were happy to take their first win of the weekend, fans of the LCS as a whole were happy to just watch the game finally end. The match was marred by a considerable lack of action, and saw indecisiveness plague TSM, who squandered an early lead.

A total of only 18 kills took place across the 61-minute match, nine for each side. On the League of Legends subreddit’s post-game thread, numerous fans called the match one of the worst they’d seen in years, while others questioned what they had even just watched.


Numerous well-known LCS personalities weighed in on the match as well. LCS reporter for ESPN Tyler ‘FionnOnFire’ Erzberger said the match “felt like a parody of an LCS game,” while interviewer Ovilee May mockingly remarked that it was “certainly a game of League of Legends.”

Numerous organizations took shots at both teams as well, including fellow LCS team Dignitas and the reigning LEC champions in G2 Esports.

Freelance host for the LEC, Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere asked her Twitter followers for one-word descriptions for the match, and got answers that included “pain,” “miserable,” and just “NA.”

Even the LCS itself couldn’t help themselves from literally poking fun at the game.


For the Immortals roster, they at least escaped with a win, despite it coming from one of the most unpopular and “painful” LCS matches in recent memory.

Their weekend is done, but TSM will have to regroup and face the reigning champions in Team Liquid.